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Steps to take after receiving a workers� compensation denial

If you are injured on the job, immediately returning to work may be out of the question. The loss or reduction in your income may have a profound effect on your family's finacial circumstances. It would be rare for workers in today's America to simply take the hit until they are back on their feet in the workplace. Filing a claim for workers' compensation benefits will help to put your mind at ease.

Unfortunately, there's no guarantee of an approval. You could receive a workers' compensation denial letter, which puts you right back at square one.

Understanding the most common causes of a workers' compensation denial can help you prevent this from happening. Consider the following:

  • You did not file your claim in time
  • You did not report the injury to your employer in time (or at all)
  • Your Cerritos employer disputes your claim, likely by arguing that you were not injured at work
  • You suffered an injury that does not qualify for compensation
  • You did not receive medical treatment in a timely manner after the injury
  • You're unable to prove that the injury is work-related

Some of these things you can take care of on your own, such as receiving immediate medical treatment and reporting the injury to your employer. Others, such as your employer disputing your claim, have nothing to do with you.

What's next?

If you receive a workers' compensation denial letter, the first thing on your mind should be the appeals process. Don't sit back and miss out on benefits that you're entitled to in California. Instead, take these steps:

  • Review your denial letter, paying close attention to the reason
  • File your appeal by the deadline listed in the letter
  • Provide the necessary evidence to back up your claim

For example, if your denial letter states a lack of medical documentation, collect this from your medical providers and use it to your advantage when filing an appeal.

It's your hope that your original workers' compensation claim is approved, as this will allow you to immediately receive benefits as you recover from your injury.

If this doesn't happen, learn more about the appeals process and how to protect your legal rights. You don't want to miss out on compensation that's due to you, as this can add more stress to your life as you recover.

Visit our website and read our blog for more information on all things related to workers' compensation.

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