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Your immigration status doesn't affect workers' compensation

People with questionable immigration status often live their lives in fear. Whether you cross the border without proper paperwork or have stayed past the expiration date on your work visa, it is common to worry about the consequences of your stay in the United States. You work hard at your job and try to give your family the best possible life, but you always worry about the potential consequences.

Better ergonomics make workplaces safer and more productive

You've worked in an office most of your life, and your employer still has the majority of the furniture he opened the business with. Over time, you've noticed that what was once a comfortable office has become worn. On top of that, sitting at your desk has become difficult, straining your neck and back because of the age of the furniture.

Hurting on the job: Repetitive strain and its effects

As an employee, it's important for you to know then you're able to obtain compensation for workplace injuries. If you're working day after day at the same job, there is a potential that you could suffer from something called a repetitive strain injury. This injury happens when you do the same movements many times, straining the muscles, ligaments and joints.

Serious head injuries could keep you from returning to work

Workplace injuries are often sudden. You may not have expected to ever get hurt at work, but then you slipped and fell, striking your head. It's also possible that a piece of equipment or supplies fell, hitting you on the way down. There are really countless ways how people in all kinds of positions, from construction and manufacturing to office work, could end up suffering a serious head injury that causes lasting symptoms.

Repetitive stress injuries may leave you unable to work

When people think about workers' compensation and injuries, catastrophic injuries usually come to mind. Certainly, workers' compensation protects a construction worker who falls and injures his spine. However, it also covers factory workers or office staff who develop debilitating repetitive stress or repetitive motion injuries. Slowly developed work injuries are still work injuries.

Construction sites are as dangerous as they sound

If you work in the construction industry, you should never lose sight of the fact that you could be part of an accident at some point. When this is in the back of your mind, there's a better chance that you'll do whatever it takes to remain safe at all times.

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