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Do California employers have to practice affirmative action?

In 1995, California voters voted against Proposition 209. Had voters passed that legislation, it would have resulted in a state constitutional amendment allowing for affirmative action policies to be instituted in the public contracting, education and employment sectors throughout the state. While this legislation didn't get signed into law, some California employers are required to uphold federal affirmative action policies.

Could workplace discrimination decline in 2020?

Unfortunately, workplace discrimination is something that is not likely to ever disappear entirely. It has always been an issue in the United States and even the laws that make it illegal have not eradicated it. You can still find discrimination in workplaces all over California and the rest of the country.

Are English-only rules a type of discrimination?

All workers in the United States are legally protected from being discriminated against based on a number of characteristics in the workplace. These protected characteristics include gender, disability, race, age and national origin.

Standards of equality in the workplace

All workplaces in the United States should treat employees with respect and without unlawfully discriminating against them. However, unfortunately, many workers are discriminated against each year. This is why laws have been put in place to deter people from discriminating at work and to provide victims of workplace discrimination with the possibility to take legal action.

Should I tolerate pregnancy discrimination at work?

When you become pregnant, you will likely be very excited about everything that the future holds for you. However, you may also be nervous about the way it could potentially affect your career. You should remember that you are legally protected from discrimination as a person who is pregnant or a person who is perceived to be at risk of becoming pregnant.

Common examples of workplace hostility

Employees should be able to feel safe, supported and protected in their workplace. It's an environment in which they spend a significant portion of their lives, and it's a place where they should be able to focus on their job, rather than worry about social interactions.

Explaining Title 7 violations

Every worker should have an understanding of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Why? Title VII protects workers from being discriminated against in the workplace by their employer, co-workers and other members of the workforce. Let's take a deeper look at Title VII in today's post so you know how you are protected as an employee of companies in Los Angeles County.

Spotting the signs of a hostile work environment

There are plenty of problems that arise at work each day for one reason or another. Some of those problems could lead to a hostile work environment. A hostile work environment is a problem for all involved, including the victim of the hostility. You should never accept working in a hostile environment, which is why you need to know how to spot the signs of such a problem.

Riot Games is sued by California, asked to reveal pay by gender

On June 12, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) announced that they were suing the Los Angeles-based video game company Riot Games (RG). Their investigation enforcement lawsuit was filed against them for failing to cooperate in answering their questions. They're trying to determine if gender discrimination is occurring in their workplace.

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