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Workers that are most apt to develop repetitive stress injuries

Data compiled by the Pain Relief Institute (PRI) shows that as many as 60-75% of workplace injuries that are reported each year are repetitive stress injuries. Those same statistics show that one in eight workers have this type of injury and that nearly all those who have surpassed retirement age have them.

Are most workplace back injuries preventable?

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data shows that an estimated 1 million individuals, or 20% of all injured or ill workers, hurt their backs while working each year. These injuries cause these employees to miss nearly just as many days from work as someone who suffers from a common cold would. Many of these injuries are completely preventable.

Expenses covered by workers' compensation in California

Injuries of all natures can result in a successful workers' compensation claim if they took place at work. Minor injuries such as neck pain from sitting at a desk as well as severe injuries such as those acquired from a construction site fall can be claimed. While most people know about the existence of workers' compensation benefits in California, many do not know exactly what it covers.

Workers' compensation benefits that you may be entitled to

When an employee is injured while undertaking a work-related activity, any financial damages that they incur as a result will be reimbursed through workers' compensation. Workers' compensation is available to the majority of workers in the United States, but some employees do not take full advantage of it.

What workers' compensation benefits could I gain?

Everyone has the right to be reasonably safe when performing work-related activities, but it is not usually possible to file a lawsuit in the event of an injury. If you become injured in your personal life when on private premises, your injury may lead you to file a premises liability claim to claim damages. When you are injured at work, it is generally not possible to file a personal injury claim. This is because workers' compensation protects employers from being involved in a lawsuit.

The benefits of hiring a workers' compensation attorney

Were you injured or sickened on the job? If so, you have a right to file for workers' compensation benefits. Your employer, if large enough, should participate in this mandatory insurance program in Los Angeles County. These benefits will help you pay the bills while you miss work recovering from your injury or illness. Let's explore the reasons why you should hire a workers' compensation attorney in this post.

Workers' compensation benefits and losing your job

When an employee is injured or sickened on the job, he or she is eligible for workers' compensation benefits from their employer. These benefits are paid to the employee while he or she recuperates from their injury or illness. They are stopped once their doctor deems that they are heathy enough to return to work or to some sort of employment. If you are fired from your job while receiving these benefits, you will keep receiving them.

Benefits of knowing first aid on the job

First aid is something that every adult should learn at some point in their lifetime. Why? You may never have to use what you know, but that one time where it is needed, you might save the life of a co-worker or loved one or even your own life. Today, we will explore the benefits of knowing first aid on the job.

Steps to take when injured on the job

When you head off for work each day do you ever consider that you could suffer an injury? This likely isn't at the front of your mind, but it should be, especially if you work in a dangerous profession. Dangerous professions include emergency services, mining, construction and some others. Do you know what to do if you are ever injured on the job

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