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Pregnancy: Protected against discrimination

As a woman in the workplace, one of your fears may be that you could lose your job because you want to start a family. Pregnancy is, fortunately, protected under the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's (EEOC's) laws and regulations. Federal law bans employers from making decisions about hiring or firing as a result of your pregnancy or intention to have a family in the future. Employers can't ask you about your plans in an interview and may not use your plans against you in the workplace.

1 in 5 men victims of workplace sexual harassment

According to an April 8 report, men make up around one in five of those who complain to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) with workplace sexual harassment concerns. People often assume that women are the only people who deal with workplace sexual harassment, but it's simply not the truth. Even men can deal with these issues.

Medical marijuana: The medicine that could cost you your job

When you're taking a medication that helps you function better, you expect to go to work and participate like on any other day. As long as you have no symptoms that make you a danger to yourself or others, there's no problem, right? That's not always the case.

Employers must avoid retaliation in the workplace

If there's a problem in the workplace, it's your employer's job to do something about it. For instance, if there's a customer who continually comes into the store and sexually harasses you, the manager or owner of the business should stop that person from coming into the store or take you out of harm's way when the person is shopping with the location.

You don't have to stand for discrimination in the workplace

Workplace discrimination can quickly make a once-promising job into a horrifying situation to work in. Workplace discrimination happens to people from all walks of life, from pregnant women to homosexual workers. It's against the law to discriminate, yet many employers do so.

Asian-American police speak out after being discriminated against

With many different people with different cultures and backgrounds living in America, it's never been more important to be courteous to one another. Making fun of someone's accent or heritage simply isn't acceptable.

A hostile work environment: What it is and is not

When you started your new job, you immediately had concerns. The first day, a coworker commented on your figure. The second day, your boss winked at you, and you thought it was a little unusual. You're attractive, but the point of you being at work isn't to be eye candy. It's starting to make you want to stay home.

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