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You don't have to stand for discrimination in the workplace

Workplace discrimination can quickly make a once-promising job into a horrifying situation to work in. Workplace discrimination happens to people from all walks of life, from pregnant women to homosexual workers. It's against the law to discriminate, yet many employers do so.

Asian-American police speak out after being discriminated against

With many different people with different cultures and backgrounds living in America, it's never been more important to be courteous to one another. Making fun of someone's accent or heritage simply isn't acceptable.

A hostile work environment: What it is and is not

When you started your new job, you immediately had concerns. The first day, a coworker commented on your figure. The second day, your boss winked at you, and you thought it was a little unusual. You're attractive, but the point of you being at work isn't to be eye candy. It's starting to make you want to stay home.

How can you prove workplace discrimination?

Discrimination can happen anywhere, from moments when you're walking down the street to times when you don't receive good service at a restaurant. Discrimination shouldn't happen, but if it does, it's important to take steps to eliminate it from your life. This is especially true if you face discrimination at work.

This is how Title VII helps you in the workplace

Any employee in the workforce should be aware of the Title VII protections provided by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Title VII is there to prohibit employers from discriminating against those who have different backgrounds. For example, they are unable to discriminate against you for the color of your skin or your national origin.

You deserve a workplace free of discrimination

Workplace discrimination has no place in the culture of a workplace. It hinders performance and places stress on individuals who do not deserve it. It can hurt a person's chance of moving up in business or may prevent him or her from ever being hired.

3 times to call an employment law professional

Most employees want to be treated fairly and with dignity in the workplace, and most employers try to create working environments that accommodate such goals. Unfortunately, not all employers pay attention to such details, and even in a company with good culture, one or two people can cause an issue. You might be tempted to waive off feelings of discomfort in the workplace, thinking you are misinterpreting something or making a bigger deal out of something than necessary. Sometimes, though, you need to step up for yourself and take a stand. Here are three times when you might consider calling an employment law professional.

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