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The Social Security Administration (SSA) is responsible for handling the Social Security Disability benefits program, a safety net designed to financially support disabled Americans. There are a few types of benefits available through the SSA, but the agency is very restrictive when it comes to awarding benefits and rejects most of the applications received each year. A workers’ compensation claim may provide some valuable initial recovery if you recently suffered an injury at work. However, there are limits to what you can expect from workers’ compensation.

Helping Central Coast Clients Obtain Social Security Disability Benefits

Some workers suffer life-changing injuries at work resulting in permanent disabilities. State law requires all employers to have workers’ compensation insurance, and a successful workers’ compensation claim can provide ongoing benefits when an injured worker cannot return to their job because of their workplace injury. In addition, Social Security Disability benefits are available to those who are completely unable to work after suffering disabling injuries. If you have exhausted your recovery options through workers’ compensation or are unsure whether you can qualify for Social Security Disability, the Central Coast Legal Services team can help you determine your best options for resolving the situation.

Understanding Social Security Disability Benefits

There are three main forms of benefits available through the SSA:

  1. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is available to low-income claimants who struggle with severe disabilities. Those who qualify for SSI generally qualify for Medicaid as well, but eligibility for SSI is very limited. A Central Coast Social Security Disability attorney can help you determine whether your household meets the eligibility requirements for this type of support. This type of Social Security Disability compensation aims to help families of profoundly disabled children and adults who have very limited financial resources and earning capacity.
  2. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) can work similarly to workers’ compensation, supporting injured workers left disabled and unable to continue working. Qualification for SSDI hinges on residual functional capacity or whether the claimant is able to perform any gainful employment. SSDI can be paid in tandem with other benefits but is generally reduced to reflect the benefits a claimant already receives.
  3. Social Security retirement benefits or a Social Security entitlement are distributed to qualified Americans who have paid into the Social Security system during their working years. The amount they can receive and the length of time their benefit continues will depend on the number of work credits they have earned when they apply for retirement benefits. If you qualify to receive SSDI for the foreseeable future, these benefits will automatically switch to retirement benefits once you reach retirement age.

If you suffered an injury at work, you are most likely to need SSDI. Qualifying for this type of support will require extensive medical documentation and a carefully completed claim filing process. When you have a Central Coast Social Security Disability attorney helping you file your claim, they can ensure your claim is free of clerical errors, one of the most common reasons for the SSA to deny claims for benefits.

SSDI and Workers’ Compensation

State law requires almost all employers in the state to have workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance comes into play whenever an employee sustains an injury while performing their job duties. A successful workers’ compensation claim can potentially yield compensation for the claimant’s medical expenses and their lost income until they are able to return to work.

If you already receive workers’ compensation and other state-level benefits, it is still possible to qualify to receive Social Security Disability benefits at the federal level as well. However, the SSA generally adjusts benefit payment amounts to reflect the benefits a claimant already receives. For example, you may only receive a small amount of SSDI benefits each month while you continue to receive workers’ compensation benefits from your employer’s insurance carrier. Once your workers’ compensation benefits end, the amount you receive in monthly SSDI benefits should increase. Your Central Coast Social Security Disability attorney will be essential for ensuring you receive the maximum amount of benefits possible.

What to Expect From Your Legal Team

When you choose Central Coast Legal Services to help you file your claim for SSDI, we will ensure your claim includes all necessary documentation to reduce the chances of the SSA denying your claim on procedural grounds. The SSA may require additional information or have questions before they provide an answer, and our team can address these issues on your behalf. Generally, if the SSA determines that a claimant has any residual functional capacity for gainful employment, they may deem this as grounds to deny their claim for benefits.

It’s also possible that you have already filed a claim and received a rejection letter. There is an appeal process, and there is no limit on the number of times you can file a claim for SSDI benefits. Your legal team can ensure your claim is complete and accurate, and if it is rejected, they can help you determine whether refiling the claim or appealing the claim would be more suitable for your situation. Many disabled claimants can spare themselves a great deal of frustration by consulting legal counsel at the outset of their recovery efforts.

Find Your Legal Representation Today

Central Coast Legal Services has years of experience helping clients secure the benefits they need to manage their disabilities and live fulfilling lives. For example, if you have been injured at work and left unable to work and/or live independently, the Social Security Disability benefits program could be an invaluable lifeline that provides the ongoing support you and your family need. We can also provide compassionate legal counsel for a workers’ compensation claim, a personal injury action, or any type of civil claim against an employer on the Central Coast.

We strive to help every injured client we represent recover as fully as the law allows. Our team is ready to guide you through the claim process and resolve any disputes you encounter with the SSA, including representing you in an appeal. If you are ready to file your claim for Social Security benefits, we can help. Contact Central Coast Legal Services today to schedule your consultation with an attorney you can trust.

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