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Orange County Landscaper & Tree Cutter Injury Lawyer

Orange County Landscaper & Tree Cutter Injury Lawyer

When a fallen tree limb or freak landscaping accident results in a serious injury, trust Canlas Law Group to serve as your dedicated legal ally. Our Orange County landscaper & tree cutter injury lawyers are well-versed in the complexities of these types of injury cases, whether they occur in a professional setting or in your private life. No matter how unusual or complex your accident may be, our attorneys can help you receive fair compensation for the damages you’ve suffered.

Orange County Landscaper and Tree Cutter Injury Lawyer

What Are the Causes of Landscaping and Tree Cutter Injuries in California?

Physical, hands-on work like landscaping and tree maintenance has inherent risks, and there are a variety of different things that could potentially go wrong on the job. The injuries that result could include crushing injuries, broken bones, lacerations, and traumatic brain injuries, among others. At Canlas Law Group, our in-depth knowledge of these types of injuries and cases extends to scenarios such as:

  • Falling Trees and Branches – A tree falling over on a tree removal worker can be a catastrophic or fatal event, but even the trimming of individual branches can be extremely dangerous work, especially on larger trees.
  • Tree Cutting Accidents – The larger a tree is, the more difficult and dangerous it is to cut it down. Even when a tree is felled properly and safely, many other aspects of the tree-cutting and removal process present the potential for injuries.
  • Equipment Failures – Tree removal work and landscaping projects of all sorts often require the use of potentially dangerous tools. Power saws, hand tools, and vehicles are all potential culprits in equipment-based injuries.
  • Chemical Accidents – Chemical agents are also often employed in certain types of landscaping work, such as pesticides to deter pests or fertilizers to encourage grass growth, and some of these can be potentially unsafe for humans.
  • Repetitive Trauma Injuries – Not every landscaping injury is a matter of an acute accident. Injuries suffered by landscapers and those in similar lines of work commonly involve repetitive stress or extreme wear and tear on body parts over time due to the physical nature of the work. Back injuries are particularly common in this line of work, with other repetitive strain-related issues like carpal tunnel syndrome also being fairly prevalent. Carrying heavy equipment and materials every day can put serious wear on your musculoskeletal system, even if you use proper lifting techniques. Therefore, those who do landscaping work for an extended period of time are especially susceptible to repetitive trauma injuries.
  • Tripping Hazards – Roots and fallen branches can result in tripping hazards capable of causing serious injuries.
  • Vehicular Accidents Resulting From Trees in Roads – When a tree or large branch falls into a roadway, it can cause serious vehicular or vehicle-pedestrian accidents. Depending on the circumstance, the injuries resulting from such an accident may be legally compensable.

If you have experienced one of the above or a similar scenario and are wondering if your injury may be legally actionable in Orange County, please reach out to Canlas Law Group at your earliest convenience. Through our consultation process, we can begin analyzing your case to determine whether your injury is legally actionable, as well as what sort of compensation you may be entitled to if so.

How a California Injury Attorney Can Help After a Tree Cutting or Landscaping Injury

If you have been injured by a falling tree limb or any aspect of a landscaping project, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, but this will depend heavily on the specific circumstances of your accident. Canlas Law Group provides clients with access to top personal injury and workers’ compensation attorneys who can help navigate the complicated legal aftermath of these types of injuries.

Some of the steps your attorney can help with after a landscaping or tree-cutting injury include:

  • Establishing Property Owner Negligence – In Orange County, California, property owners bear legal responsibility for maintaining their trees and other aspects of their property so that they are not a safety hazard to passersby or visitors. This includes dealing with dead or dying trees, improperly planted trees, and poorly trimmed trees, among other aspects of property maintenance. A delicate legal gray area can emerge in certain cases when the injured party is someone hired by the homeowner to complete these maintenance tasks.
  • Navigating the California Legal System – Personal injury and injured worker cases are governed by a robust framework of state laws and other policies. Canlas Law Group understands this system from end to end and can offer highly effective advice for navigating it successfully.
  • Securing Financial Compensation for Tree-Related Injuries – Even in cases when it is clear that a property owner, employer, or other party is at fault for injuries, evidence must be found and presented to secure maximum compensation. A qualified attorney can seek to ensure that any settlement or judgment in your favor is fair and covers all compensable expenses, including (but not limited to) your medical bills, lost earnings, and any property damages incurred.
  • Navigating Insurance Issues – Dealing with insurance companies pursuant to a personal injury or workers’ compensation case can be a unique challenge. The world-class legal team at Canlas Law Group excels in this area, from helping you understand the language of insurance policies to preparing counter-offers when insurers try to offer you an inadequate settlement. We are dedicated to easing our clients’ burdens in every phase of the process, not just in court but also with insurance companies.
  • Building Strong Medical Evidence to Support Your Case – When it comes to personal injury and workers’ compensation claims, including those related to trees and landscaping, building a robust case often requires solid medical evidence. Our attorneys know what judges and other officials are looking for in this area and can gather and present compelling medical evidence in your favor so that the full extent and nature of your injuries are clear to the officials overseeing the settlement process.
  • Fierce Advocacy for Your Rights – Personal injury cases can be complex, high-stakes legal matters. Property owners and employers may have vast resources at their disposal and may put them to work building legal strategies of their own in an effort to deny or minimize claims. This calls for injured parties to likewise consult with qualified injury lawyers, such as those at Canlas Law Group, to stand up to powerful legal teams.

FAQs About Orange County, CA Landscaper & Tree Cutter Injury Law

What Is the Difference Between Bodily Injury and Personal Injury?

“Bodily injury” and “personal injury” are two separate concepts, although both labels can apply to the same injury in many cases. “Personal injury” is a legal term that specifically refers to a claim made by an injured individual that another party is responsible for their injuries, such as through their negligence or misconduct. “Bodily injury,” on the other hand, is defined as any injury to the body (i.e., a physical injury rather than a purely mental or emotional one).

What Is the New Workers’ Comp Law in California?

Workers’ compensation codes and other labor laws are reviewed and updated regularly to reflect societal changes and to keep up with California’s fast-paced economy. For an up-to-date understanding of how workers’ compensation claims work, you can benefit from working with a qualified California workers’ compensation attorney. Just a few of the new rules for 2024 that impact Californian workers include:

  • Expanded paid sick leave
  • Noncompete agreement ban
  • Reproductive loss leave
  • Workplace violence prevention program
  • Off-duty cannabis use and testing
  • A few industry-specific laws

Do You Get Paid if You Get Injured at Work in California?

Yes, generally speaking, employees in California can receive compensation through the state’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance system if they have been injured in the course of doing their job. These payments should be sufficient to cover medical expenses, as well as a portion of the wages the injured party loses due to missing work to recover.

You might not be able to receive compensation if being intoxicated on the job led to your injury or if you weren’t performing work duties when it happened.

Can I Sue My Employer for Pain and Suffering in California?

No, typically, the state’s workers’ compensation system precludes your ability to sue your employer directly for injuries. California’s workers’ comp system operates on a no-fault principle, so cases can be quickly resolved and paid out without extended court proceedings to establish exactly who was responsible for an injurious event.

However, there are certain rare exceptions that may allow you to sue your employer. If they failed to hold a workers’ comp insurance policy, fraudulently concealed your injury, or assaulted you, this may be possible.

Canlas Law Group – High-Powered Legal Help for Injured Landscaping and Tree Maintenance Professionals

If you have suffered an injury due to a fallen tree or landscaping accident, Canlas Law Group can help. Start the process with a consultation so we can evaluate the merits of your case and determine whether it might be appropriate to seek compensation through a personal injury or workers’ compensation claim. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at our Los Angeles offices are standing by to help.