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Orange County Social Security Disability Lawyer

Orange County Social Security Disability Attorney

Orange County Social Security Disability Lawyer

Every year, thousands of people in Orange County and across the United States send applications to the Social Security Administration (SSA) seeking various types of disability benefits, and each year most of these applications are immediately rejected. If you are pursuing any type of Social Security Disability benefits, having an experienced Orange County Social Security Disability lawyer assisting you can streamline the process and improve your chances of success.

Legal Counsel for Social Security Disability Claims in Orange County, CA

The attorneys at the Canlas Law Group have years of professional experience navigating the Social Security Disability claim filing process on behalf of our clients. We know how frustrating it can be to have a claim rejected or how overwhelming it can be to approach the claim filing process for the first time. When you have an Orange County Social Security Disability lawyer on your side, it is much easier to approach this situation with confidence.

Our team can carefully review the details of your Orange County claim, helping you increase your chances of the SSA approving you for benefits. Whether you are applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), our firm can provide guidance and support through the entire claim filing process until you achieve your desired result. The sooner you contact our firm, the more time we have to work on your case.

SSI Versus SSDI in Orange County

It is important to know the difference between SSI and SSDI before you apply for Social Security Disability benefits. Many claims are rejected each year because claimants have applied for the wrong type of benefits.

SSI is a needs-based public assistance program that aims to provide disability benefits to individuals who are unable to work and have a limited income. SSI does not require a work history, and payments come from the general treasury fund, not Social Security trust funds.

SSDI is based on work history and income. As an individual works and pays into the Social Security system, they earn work credits that are accumulated over time. If they become disabled and cannot continue working, they can apply for SSDI benefits based on their accumulated work credits. Once they reach retirement age, SSDI benefits automatically switch to Social Security retirement benefits.

Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits

One of the most important reasons to hire an Orange County Social Security Disability lawyer for your impending claim is the complexity of the initial claim filing process. When many people see all the documentation they need to secure to file their claim for benefits, it can be overwhelming. An experienced attorney can help gather all the documentation needed to file your claim.

Canlas Law Group can help gather medical records, incident reports from work following a work-related injury, and supporting documentation that you may need to file with your claim forms. Many Social Security Disability claims are rejected for clerical errors, and our team can help ensure all of your forms are properly and accurately completed.

Qualifying for SSDI Benefits in Orange County

The SSA enforces very strict rules for distributing SSDI benefits, and the agency is very discerning in its review of all such claims each year. The main qualifying factor for SSDI is that you must have suffered an injury at work that resulted in disability for at least 12 months. If you cannot perform your job duties and are unable to earn income through any other means, you likely qualify for SSDI benefits.

When you submit your claim for SSDI to the SSA, there are five main criteria they will review in your eligibility determination:

  1. You must be completely unable to work. It’s possible to qualify for SSDI if you are only capable of earning less than $1,350 per month or $2,260 for a blind applicant. If you are able to earn more, the SSA will not consider you to have a qualifying disability.
  2. Your condition must substantially reduce your ability to perform gainful work duties. These include sitting, standing, walking, lifting objects, and retaining important information.
  3. Your condition must be one of the qualifying conditions listed in the SSA’s list of qualifying conditions. Some individuals who apply for SSDI may qualify for Compassionate Allowances that disburse benefits as soon as they are diagnosed with certain conditions. The SSA also maintains a Quick Disability Determination system that prioritizes the claims that are most likely to qualify for SSDI benefits.
  4. Your disability must prevent you from returning to your previous job.
  5. Your disability must prevent you from performing alternative job duties. The SSA will conduct an extensive review of your work history, education, and job training to determine if there are any alternative jobs you could perform with your current condition.

As part of your claim, you will need to undergo a medical review and secure extensive medical documentation that shows the scope and severity of your disability. Your Orange County Social Security Disability lawyer can work closely with you to review the eligibility criteria for SSDI and help you obtain all the required documentation you will need to submit to the SSA.

Appealing a Rejected Claim for Social Security Disability Benefits

The SSA receives thousands of claims for disability benefits every year, and the majority of these claims are immediately rejected because of clerical errors, mistakes on claim forms, and missing documentation. It’s common for applicants to go through multiple rounds of rejected claims, adjusting and refiling their claims multiple times before they are ultimately approved.

Your Orange County Social Security Disability lawyer can help minimize the chance of your claim being rejected outright, and with their help, you are more likely to see your claim make it through at least the first phase of review. However, it is possible for your claim to be rejected for many unpredictable reasons, and you will need your attorney’s help to resolve any such issues you encounter.

When you have received a rejection letter, the letter should state the reason or reasons for the rejection. Your attorney can help fix any technical mistakes made with your claim, gather any missing documentation the SSA requires, or address other clerical errors. You may need to get a statement from your doctor, correct errors on your application, and then file an appeal for reconsideration.

After refiling your claim, a different SSA representative will conduct a new review, checking to see if the errors that caused your first rejection have been fixed. If so, your claim may be approved, and you will receive further communication from the SSA about the next steps to take. If you are rejected again, you will need to appeal the decision before an SSA administrative law judge.

If you must attend a hearing in front of an SSA judge, your attorney can help present a compelling argument, showing how your condition interferes with your ability to earn income and support yourself and your family. You will have the opportunity to present supporting evidence and address any discrepancies cited in your application.

Benefits You Could Receive From the SSA

Once a Social Security Disability claim is approved, the SSA will deliver a determination of benefits, explaining to the claimant what they can expect in terms of monthly benefits. There are limits to how much a claimant can receive, and if they are already receiving any state-level public assistance or compensation through a workers’ compensation claim, their SSDI determination will reflect these factors.

If you are permanently disabled and approved for SSDI, you can expect your benefits to continue until you reach retirement or until you have used all your accumulated work credits. Your Orange County Social Security Disability lawyer can help ensure you receive the maximum Social Security Disability benefits possible, making all necessary considerations for the other benefits you receive.

What to Expect From Your Orange County Social Security Disability Lawyer

Canlas Law Group has the professional resources, experience, and skills necessary to help our clients resolve the most challenging Social Security Disability claims in Orange County. We know how stressful and frustrating it can be to confront the claim filing process only to have your claim rejected, and we want to guide you through this process efficiently so you can secure the benefits you legally deserve.

When you choose our firm to represent you, we will do everything we can to maximize your chances of having an initial claim approved. If you have been rejected, our team can carefully review all communications with the SSA to determine the cause of the rejection, and then we can address these issues and help refile your claim as quickly as possible.

If you must attend an administrative hearing with an SSA judge, it can be daunting, but having an experienced attorney on your side can help you approach the situation with confidence and peace of mind. Our team also has extensive professional experience with related legal matters, such as workers’ compensation claims, personal injury, and other legal vehicles you may use to enhance your recovery from a disabling injury.

Do not make the mistake of assuming that you can handle your Social Security Disability claim unassisted. Instead of attempting to force your way through multiple rounds of rejections and refiling, have an experienced Orange County Social Security Disability lawyer represent you and handle your claim efficiently. If you have concerns about the cost of hiring a lawyer, the SSA limits attorneys’ fees in these cases.

FAQs About Orange County, CA Social Security Disability Laws

What Is the Most An SSDI Lawyer Can Charge?

The SSA sets firm rules for attorneys’ fees in SSDI cases. The most your attorney will be allowed to charge you for their representation is 25% of the total secured benefit, up to a maximum of $7,200. It is important to remember that total benefits obtained through SSDI cases are relatively small, and your attorney is likely going to take 25% of whatever you successfully obtain.

Does Having an Attorney Improve Your Chance of Success in an SSDI Hearing?

An SSDI hearing could be an essential part of your claim filing process, and having legal counsel you can trust on your side will make all aspects of this process easier to manage. You will be more likely to succeed with your efforts with an attorney’s help, and they can help you approach the hearing process with confidence.

How Many Years Can You Go Back for SSI Back Pay?

When a claim for SSI is approved, the settlement amount will consider benefits owed from the time the claimant officially qualified, not from when they filed their claim. However, there are limits to this. Retroactive SSI benefits can go back to the date you became disabled or up to one year prior to the filing of your claim.

What Is the Maximum Income I Can Earn and Still Qualify for SSDI?

Your SSDI determination comes down to your ability to perform gainful work, enabling you to earn income. The most you can earn per month and still qualify for SSDI is $1,350. If you are able to earn more than this, the SSA will consider that you do not have a qualifying disability. Your Orange County Social Security Disability lawyer can help gather any documentation needed to prove the extent of your ability to work and earn income.

How Soon Should I Hire an Orange County Social Security Disability Attorney?

If you intend to file a claim for SSI or SSDI, or if you have recently had any such claim rejected by the SSA, hiring an attorney as soon as possible is the optimal way to secure the benefits to which you are legally entitled. You have the right to appeal a rejected claim, and a seasoned attorney can help identify the issues in your first claim that may have caused the rejection.

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The attorneys at Canlas Law Group have years of professional experience guiding clients in Orange County through the difficult process of securing Social Security Disability benefits. We know how stressful it can be to interact with the SSA and the frustration that follows a rejected claim. If you are ready to learn what an Orange County Social Security Disability attorney can do for you, contact Canlas Law Group today to schedule a free consultation with our team.