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Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer

Orange County Personal Injury Attorney

Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer
Canlas Law Group is proud to serve as a powerful legal partner for injured individuals seeking justice and compensation in Orange County, California. Dealing with the medical and emotional aftermath of a serious injury can be extremely draining, and you likely lack the legal resources and knowledge to seek compensation through a personal injury claim. Thanks to the Orange County personal injury lawyers at Canlas Law Group, you don’t have to take on these burdens alone.

Our dedicated team of attorneys and support staff has a proven track record of success in personal injury cases. We are ready to put our impressive legal acumen to work for you in the form of comprehensive legal services tailored to your unique case.

When you are ready to move forward with the process of seeking compensation for your injury, please reach out to our offices to set up an initial consultation. Our responsive legal advice and custom-tailored legal strategies can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Common Types of Legally Actionable Personal Injuries

Canlas Law Group offers a full spectrum of personal injury services to injured residents of Orange County. Whether you find yourself facing the aftermath of a serious car accident on the 405 or a slip-and-fall incident at a local store, our Orange County accident team is ready to advocate for your rights and help you manage the process of seeking compensation.

A few of the types of personal injury cases our attorneys are equipped to deal with include:

  • Motor Vehicle Crashes – Orange County and the neighboring areas have some of the busiest freeways and streets in the country, and motor vehicle accidents are a daily occurrence.Whether you required hospitalization after a serious freeway pileup or suffered minor neck injuries in a fender bender, Canlas Law Group can help you pursue an appropriate level of compensation for your injury. We are well-versed in traffic laws and can offer highly effective assistance with accidents involving cars, motorcycles, or even commercial trucks.
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents – At Canlas Law Group, we pride ourselves on offering aggressive and effective representation for those who have been injured while walking or bicycling. Because bicyclists and pedestrians lack the protection of a car, they’re often severely injured or killed in accidents, meaning a higher compensation award is needed to cover expensive medical bills. We can help you hold the appropriate parties responsible for your injury.
  • Construction Accidents There are frequent construction projects in Orange County that have a variety of inherent safety risks due to the tools, materials, and processes involved. Our attorneys are adept at handling claims related to scaffolding accidents, falling debris, unsafe worksites, and other injuries that take place at construction sites, regardless of whether you’ve been injured as a passerby or on the job as a construction worker.While you likely can’t file a personal injury claim against your employer, we can help you file a workers’ compensation claim or a personal injury claim against a potentially liable third party.
  • Premises Liability Cases – When the negligence, incompetence, or outright wrongdoing of a property owner is at the root of a serious injury, we can help you hold them accountable. An example might be a shop owner who uses a waxy polishing product on their floors but fails to put out any “caution” or “wet floor” signage before opening for business, leading to a slip-and-fall injury.
  • Product Liability Cases – Defective or otherwise unsafe products can cause serious harm to end users and bystanders. The attorneys at Canlas Law Group can effectively negotiate and litigate injury cases related to dangerous consumer goods.
  • Dog Bites and Animal Attacks – Every pet owner is responsible for their animal’s behavior. When someone is bitten or otherwise attacked, owners can be held legally accountable for their pets’ actions.

Personal Injury Lawsuits vs. Workers’ Compensation Claims in Orange County

Parties who have been injured at their workplace or while conducting job-related activities often have questions about whether they should seek compensation through a personal injury claim or through the state’s workers’ compensation insurance program. This will depend on the exact circumstances of the injurious incident.

Personal injury and workers’ compensation claims represent two distinct legal realms, though both are tools used by injured parties to seek compensation for their injuries. Personal injury claims arise when harm is caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of some other party. In such cases, evidence must be used to establish that the defendant did indeed cause the harm in question.

In Orange County, workers’ compensation is a more streamlined process that addresses qualifying injuries sustained in the workplace, providing swift access to benefits regardless of who was at fault. Employers are normally protected from personal injury claims, but if a third party was liable for your workplace injury, you could potentially pursue a claim against them.

FAQs About Orange County, CA Personal Injury Attorney Law

How Much Do Personal Injury Lawyers Charge in California?

The exact cost of legal fees for a personal injury case will depend on a variety of factors, such as the complexity of your case, the amount of time spent in court, your local market conditions for legal services, and the quality of your attorney. Injured parties who are concerned about their legal fees should be aware that many reputable attorneys are willing to take personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning they receive no payment until after compensation has been awarded in your favor.

What Percentage Do Most Personal Injury Lawyers Take?

For cases in which your attorney uses a contingency fee payment structure, they will deduct a certain percentage from your compensation award in order to pay themselves. In Orange County, California, this amount is usually around one-third (33%) of the total award, but it might be as high as one-half, depending on the complexity of the case, the size of the payout, and other factors.

What Is Considered Personal Injury in California?

Personal injury is a legal term that specifically refers to a claim that one party has caused legally compensable damages to another through negligence or wrongdoing. This is most often in the form of a physical or bodily injury, but emotional damages can also be legally actionable in some cases.

Do I Have to Pay Taxes on a Personal Injury Settlement in California?

Normally, a personal injury settlement is considered non-taxable income in California, so your compensation will likely not be taxed. However, punitive damages can be taxed. These types of damages are not awarded in most cases, so it’s not likely that this will apply to your case. They are awarded when the actions of the defendant were particularly egregious in an attempt to punish them and prevent them from similar wrongdoing in the future.

Christopher J. Canlas & The Canlas Law Group Difference

At Canlas Law Group, our legal practice is driven by a simple but powerful mission—to provide exceptional representation when clients need it most. We are proud to serve as steadfast advocates for injured Orange County residents who are struggling to receive both justice and fair compensation.

We take a proactive, collaborative, and detail-driven approach to the law that goes above and beyond our clients’ expectations. We don’t just rely on our long list of professional credentials and history of success to build trust with our clients; we earn it every day through our diligent work.

As the driving force behind Canlas Law Group, founding attorney Christopher J. Canlas exemplifies this unwavering dedication to justice and client advocacy. A seasoned attorney who has been admitted to the California bar since 2006, Canlas is also licensed to work federal cases in the U.S. District Court Central District of California.

Canlas earned his Juris Doctorate cum laude from the highly respected Miami School of Law in 2006 after having received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Los Angeles, in 2001. He immediately put his education to work practicing law and building a diverse background in personal injury, workers’ compensation, social security, wrongful death, and immigration law.

The power and efficacy of Canlas Law Group’s legal solutions are also made evident by our track record of success. Here are some notable case outcomes involving injured parties:

  • $428,000 for a defense contractor who was injured at the workplace
  • $425,000 settlement for a retail employee who suffered a slip and fall accident
  • $420,000 for a bus mechanic who had suffered multiple injuries
  • $400,000 for an injured client working in the local pool construction industry
  • $372,000 for a client who suffered a stroke while on the job
  • $350,000 settlement for an industrial engineer who had a serious allergic reaction to workplace chemicals
  • $215,000 for a delivery truck driver who was ejected from his vehicle while working
  • And many other satisfied clients.

If you have been injured and are seeking compensation, Canlas Law Group would be happy to start the process with a consultation. Reach out to our firm today to learn how we can help you after a personal injury.