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Many workers can go an entire career without being involved in a workplace accident. But that doesn’t mean injuries and disabilities don’t occur as a result of day-to-day activities. In California, workers who suffer any kind of work-related disability or medical condition are entitled to seek benefits through their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

Yes, You Can Get Compensation For Your Back Injury At Work

If you are suffering debilitating pain or lack of motion that prevents you from performing your daily job tasks, chances are your condition is related to your work. Before you file a workers’ compensation claim, it makes sense to get your questions answered by an experienced workplace injury lawyer at Canlas Law Group, APLC. We represent injured workers in Orange County and throughout the Los Angeles metro area in Southern California.

We offer a free consultation to review your injury and explain the claims process. We will also tell you what you might expect from your employer when filing a workers’ comp injury claim not immediately resulting from a workplace accident

Some of The Most Common Types Of Repetitive Stress Injuries

Back Injuries

Often caused by stressful lifting or twisting motions, these injuries are often the most painful and debilitating. You know the pain is real, but the X-rays don’t often reveal any damage, so employers and insurance companies often deny the claim. We have helped countless workers get medical treatment and temporary or permanent disability benefits for injuries to the back.

The most common back injuries include:

  • Spondylolisthesis: A slipped vertebra, typically at the base of the spine but may also occur higher up the spinal column near the neck
  • Cervical radiculopathy: A herniated disk or other damage to the nerves caused by a compressed cervical vertebrae

Shoulder And Knee Injuries

Joints, tendons and ligaments suffer the worst damage from years of repetitive stress on the job. Medical conditions as such carpal tunnel and tendonitis build up slowly over time. Damage to the rotator cuff in the shoulder or anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee may go unnoticed until one day a common, everyday motion causes something to snap.

We Help You Get Your Claim Approved And The Pay Benefits You Deserve

Back, shoulder and knee injuries are very real and qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Our attorneys are ready to help, including going to trial, if necessary. Do not feel as though you must take a less-than-fair settlement from an insurance company who dismisses the severity of your claim.

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