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What To Know About Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) allows Americans who have disabilities to collect government benefits. Filing a claim for SSDI or filing an appeal for a denied claim is not always easy though. The steps are complex, and many perfectly valid claims receive denials.

To make it easier to obtain benefits, you can work with a knowledgeable Social Security lawyer. At Canlas Law Group, APLC, we can help you because we understand SSDI law in great detail. We can guide you through the process as we advocate assertively for your claim.

Some of what we do involves:

  • Gathering your medical, financial and work records
  • Filling out the paperwork
  • Explaining the law and the application steps
  • Attending hearings with you
  • Informing you of your claim’s status
  • Filing an appeal

Because we handle all aspects of SSDI claims, we can assist you from the beginning of filing your application to the final appeal, if necessary.

Does SSDI Overlap With Workers’ Compensation?

If you have a disability that limits your ability to work, you may have the right to both Social Security Disability Insurance and workers’ compensation benefits. Since you can only receive SSDI after demonstrating that you have been unable to work for 12 months, workers’ compensation could cover your needs in the meantime.

Our practice includes both these fields. When you speak with us, we can evaluate your circumstances and let you know whether you qualify for workers’ comp benefits in addition to either type of Social Security compensation.

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You deserve the help of an attorney to increase your chances of recovering benefits. Our team is ready to assist you. We provide free, no-risk, no-obligation consultations about SSDI. To schedule your free consultation with us, please call 323-897-7162 or send us an email. Because we work on a contingency fee basis, you will not owe any fees unless we recover compensation for you. Se habla español.

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