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Employment law concerns the complex relationships between employers and their employees, and California enforces some of the most robust laws protecting the interests of workers in all industries. There are also several important federal laws pertaining to employees’ rights. If you have encountered a situation with your employer in which you believe you have grounds for legal action, an Anaheim employment law attorney can help.

Experienced Legal Counsel for Employment Law in Anaheim, CA

The Canlas Law Group has extensive experience with a wide range of employment cases in Anaheim and surrounding areas. We know the state and federal laws that pertain to your situation and can help you make sense of your legal options if you believe your employer has wronged you. You may have a limited time in which to act, so it’s vital to connect with trustworthy legal counsel as quickly as possible.

We handle a wide range of employment cases in Anaheim, including:

  • Wage and hour claims. As an employee, you have the right to be paid correctly and on time, and your employer is required to follow all applicable wage and hour, overtime, and expense reimbursement laws. If they have failed to do so, we can help you hold them accountable for your unpaid wages.
  • Wrongful termination claims. Employers may not fire employees for illegal reasons. To do so is wrongful termination, and while this may be very difficult to prove in some cases, the right attorney can help their client develop a strong wrongful termination case that has a high chance of success.
  • Employee discrimination. It is illegal for employers to discriminate on the basis of personal qualities, such as age, race, sex, disability, or religion. If you have been the target of any type of workplace discrimination, our firm can assist you in exploring your legal options at the state and federal levels.
  • Workplace harassment. No one should experience any type of harassment in the workplace, but various types of workplace harassment are reported throughout the state each year. If you have experienced sexual harassment or any other type of harassment and your employer has not taken appropriate steps to resolve the situation, an Anaheim employment law attorney is your most valuable resource.

Whatever type of case you need to file, you can rely on our firm to provide unwavering legal support through all stages of your case until you reach the outcome you hope to see. You may not only have grounds to seek damages for what you experienced but also have the right to seek compensation for your legal fees from your employer. It is always worth investigating your legal options when it comes to any type of employment law dispute in Anaheim.

For many claims, employees will need to file claims through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency responsible for enforcing US anti-discrimination and anti-harassment laws in all industries. Filing a claim will be much easier with an attorney’s help, and your Anaheim employment law attorney can assist you with navigating this process and can help resolve any unexpected challenges you face.

Time is a crucial factor for any employment law case in Anaheim, so it is important that you connect with a reliable attorney as quickly as possible to ensure the greatest chance of success with your impending case. When you choose the Canlas Law Group to represent you, you are investing in years of proven experience and a dedicated legal advocate who will assist you through every step of your case.


Q: How Much Do Employment Lawyers Charge?

A: In California, most employment lawyers charge their clients by the hour, so the more time they need to spend working on a case, the more the client pays in legal fees. Always take time to carefully review a prospective Anaheim employment law attorney’s billing policy so there are no surprises when it comes to how much they will likely charge to handle your case. Some attorneys offer flat rates for specific legal services.

Q: What Does At-Will Employment Mean?

A: At-will employment means that any working relationship between an employee and their employer continues at the will of both parties, and both parties have the right to terminate the working relationships at will, with or without prior notice or giving a specific reason. While this provides employers broad flexibility to fire employees as they deem necessary, it does not allow employers to fire employees for illegal, discriminatory reasons.

Q: Can I Be Fired on Workers’ Compensation in Anaheim?

A: Yes, you can be fired on workers’ compensation in Anaheim, but this should not disrupt your benefits under the terms of the benefits determination issued when your claim was approved. Additionally, you cannot be fired simply for filing a worker’s compensation claim. If you suspect that a recent termination was wrongful, you should consult an Anaheim employment law attorney as quickly as possible.

Q: How Can I Recover Unpaid Wages in Anaheim?

A: If you need to recover unpaid wages in Anaheim, an employment law attorney can assist you with filing a wage and hour claim against the employer who failed or refused to pay you correctly. Your attorney can help you assess exactly how much the employer owes and build a compelling employment suit against them. You may also be able to recover additional compensation for other damages, such as your legal fees and emotional distress.

Q: Why Should I Hire an Anaheim Employment Law Attorney?

A: You should hire an Anaheim employment law attorney because any type of employment law case is very difficult to navigate without the help of an experienced attorney on your side. Your legal team can help you make sense of the laws that apply to your case, determine your most viable legal options for resolving the situation, and ultimately help you maximize any compensation you could recover from a successful claim.

The Canlas Law Group has years of professional experience providing legal counsel for employment law cases in Anaheim and surrounding areas. If you believe you have grounds for a discrimination suit, a wrongful termination case, or a wage and hour claim, we can help. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Anaheim employment law attorney to guide you through your impending case.

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