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1 in 5 men victims of workplace sexual harassment

According to an April 8 report, men make up around one in five of those who complain to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) with workplace sexual harassment concerns. People often assume that women are the only people who deal with workplace sexual harassment, but it’s simply not the truth. Even men can deal with these issues.

Take, for example, the story of one man who had been working for 15 years at a nuclear manufacturing facility in Virginia. He took a promotion and pay increase, but he found that the new position put him in a difficult spot. He faced sexual harassment almost every day as a result of one of the other workers he was in contact with each day.

He believes that it started out as joking around, but over time became more serious. He ended up filing a lawsuit against his employer because of discrimination. He believes that his company discriminated against him because of allowing the harassment to continue and by allowing his coworkers to retaliate against him after he reported the issue.

This story may surprise you, but the reality is that many people go through these same challenges at work every day. If you’re someone who is dealing with harassment, discrimination or other problems on the job, it makes it hard to focus on your work. If your employer won’t do anything about the challenges you face or retaliates against you, your best option may be to turn to the law for help. No one deserves to struggle with workplace harassment or discrimination at any time.

Source: SF Gate, “Men account for nearly 1 in 5 complaints of workplace sexual harassment with the EEOC,” Michael Alison Chandler, April 08, 2018

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