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Workers' compensation is there for you in the worst of times

You went to work and had a day much like any other. Only this time, your day didn't end like you'd planned. Just as you were about to clock out for the day, you took on a final task for a coworker. You stayed late to help with routine maintenance on a piece of machinery you were familiar with, but the coworker wasn't. You thought all the equipment was turned off, but one part activated while you were working.

Your employer should accommodate your work injury on the job

Manufacturing workers risk injury every day at their jobs. All the moving parts and heavy machinery, as well as dangerous or abrasive chemicals are risk factors for employee accidents. Even those who try to do everything they can to stay safe could still wind up hurt.

Understanding the Compassionate Allowance program

One thing you should understand as a person looking into obtaining Social Security Disability (SSD) is what a compassionate allowance is. The Compassionate Allowances program is designed to help quickly identify a disease or illness, making it faster for a person with a specified disease or illness to obtain SSD.

Better ergonomics make workplaces safer and more productive

You've worked in an office most of your life, and your employer still has the majority of the furniture he opened the business with. Over time, you've noticed that what was once a comfortable office has become worn. On top of that, sitting at your desk has become difficult, straining your neck and back because of the age of the furniture.

What's the primary right of workers?

As an employee, you have a right to work in a safe environment. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) covers most employers and employees in the private sector and provides regulations and oversight to keep workplaces safe. If there has ever been an injury in your workplace, OSHA likely responded and assessed if the employer should receive a violation or fines.

Hurting on the job: Repetitive strain and its effects

As an employee, it's important for you to know then you're able to obtain compensation for workplace injuries. If you're working day after day at the same job, there is a potential that you could suffer from something called a repetitive strain injury. This injury happens when you do the same movements many times, straining the muscles, ligaments and joints.

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