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Medical treatment for an ankle fracture is necessary

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If you suspect that you have a fractured ankle, don’t wait to receive a medical diagnosis. The sooner you do this the sooner you can get on the path to making a full recovery.

The treatment you receive depends on the type of fracture and stability of your ankle. Here are some things your doctor will discuss with you:

  • Casting the ankle: Once your bones are aligned, a cast or splint can be used to immobilize your ankle until you heal.
  • Surgery may be necessary: If your bones are misaligned and your doctor can’t realign them, an operation may be necessary. Surgery is also common in the event that the bone breaks through the skin.
  • Don’t rush your recovery: You want to get back on your feet, but rushing your recovery is a mistake. For example, if you bear weight before you’re supposed to, you could re-injure your ankle and prolong your recovery.
  • Take advantage of pain medication: Discuss this with your medical team and pharmacist to ensure that you’re taking the right medication for the pain you’re experiencing. You may need this shortly after your injury, but as time goes by it’ll become less necessary.

There are many common causes of an ankle fracture, ranging from stepping in a pothole to slipping on the stairs to falling from height.

If you suffer this injury on the job, report it to your employer and receive medical attention the same day. If you’re unable to immediately return to work, learn more about the workers’ compensation system and whether you qualify to receive benefits.

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