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3 times to call an employment law professional

Most employees want to be treated fairly and with dignity in the workplace, and most employers try to create working environments that accommodate such goals. Unfortunately, not all employers pay attention to such details, and even in a company with good culture, one or two people can cause an issue. You might be tempted to waive off feelings of discomfort in the workplace, thinking you are misinterpreting something or making a bigger deal out of something than necessary. Sometimes, though, you need to step up for yourself and take a stand. Here are three times when you might consider calling an employment law professional.

If you feel like you are not being paid what your are worth, take some time to consider all the facts. Are you simply unhappy with the pay, or is your employer failing to compensate you as required? For example, if your employer is not paying you for all your hours worked, not compensating you for overtime or is withholding your paycheck for any reason, you could have a legal case against them.

Another reason to get a legal professional involved is if you feel that you are being discriminated against because of age, race, gender, nationality or religion. Not getting along with a coworker and having him or her not socialize with you — for any reason — isn’t discrimination. Being passed over for a raise or promotion because of your race is discrimination. An experience lawyer can help you understand if you have a discrimination case.

Finally, contact an attorney if you believe you are the target of sexual harassment, especially if you’ve reported the issue and haven’t seen any action taken. Our firm works with employees to protect their rights; we can help you understand what legal options you might have in a variety of cases.

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