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Activision Blizzard makes major changes after lawsuits

Gender discrimination is, unfortunately, an ongoing problem in the country. Some companies continue to discriminate against women and face serious repercussions as a result.

On Nov. 2, an updated report about Activision Blizzard indicated that the company’s first female co-leader intends to step down at the end of 2021. The company currently faces numerous lawsuits and investigations regarding claims of sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

Activision Blizzard makes changes in response to allegations

Activision Blizzard has faced pressure from governmental agencies, shareholders and employees to change the way it handles claims of discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace. The company did finally end a forced arbitration policy that required cases to go through arbitration rather than court. It has also started a new zero-tolerance policy against harassment.

On October 28, it was reported that the company will now immediately fire any employee who violates the rule. The company has claimed that it has a new goal of having the strictest non-retaliation and harassment policies of any employer. The company’s executive also stated that he has asked the board of directors to reduce his overall compensation to just $62,500 annually until the company meets the new safety and diversity goals.

Major changes like this could help make companies a better place to work. While Activision Blizzard still faces sexual harassment lawsuits and other claims, being willing to change may help prevent these issues in the future.

If you face discrimination or harassment in the workplace, remember that you do have the right to seek legal support. You can fight back against unfair treatment and seek a just resolution.

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