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Anti-discrimination laws protect you on the job

If you’ve been terminated from your position at your job, it’s vital that you understand if it was a legal termination. If you were wrongfully terminated for any reason, you actually have a legal case against your employer.

Many people assume that because their employers are at-will employers, they don’t have any right to complain if they’re fired. The fact is that at-will employment does allow for an employer to hire or fire people at will, but not if he or she violates a contract or anti-discrimination laws in the process.

Here’s an example. If you’re an employee who has been with a company for 35 years, you would probably assume your position was protected. On your 60th birthday, and just shy of when you can take paid retirement from the company, you’re terminated. One of your coworkers leaks information that shows you were let go due to your age and earnings; your boss thought he could cut costs and appeal to younger people by hiring a person in their 20s or 30s. Age discrimination is against the law, so you would have a case against your employer.

On the other hand, if you believe that you were fired due to age but have no proof, it would be difficult to show that you were discriminated against. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, but having a trail of evidence showing aggression against you or how you were treated due to your age would be helpful if you want to pursue a lawsuit.

Your attorney can talk to you about your case and what you should expect. If you have evidence of discrimination, you may be able to seek compensation from your employer for violating the law.

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