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Are you entitled to severance pay after termination?

There is nothing worse than learning that your employment has been terminated. This will change your life in many ways, with an emphasis on your finances.

Fortunately, you may come to find that you are in line to receive severance pay. While there is no guarantee, there are certain situations in which you should feel comfortable fighting for the severance pay you deserve:

  • You have a written contract with your employer: Upon starting your job, you signed a contract noting that you would receive severance pay if terminated. If you have this in writing, your chance of securing the money is much greater.
  • You have an oral agreement: Although a written agreement is better, if you have an oral agreement that you will receive severance pay upon termination, don’t let your employer off the hook.
  • Language in an employee handbook: Even if your employment contract doesn’t mention severance pay, an employee handbook may. Review this closely to ensure that you’re protecting your legal rights.
  • History of severance pay: For example, if someone in a similar position received severance pay after termination, you may be able to use this to your advantage.

If your employment is terminated and severance pay was promised, you hope that your employer takes the right steps at the right time. This makes it much easier to move on and begin your search for a new job.

Unfortunately, your employer may seek out ways to keep you from receiving severance pay. In this case, collect all the information you have and do whatever it takes to protect your legal rights and receive the compensation you deserve.

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