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As an employee, you are guaranteed rights in the workplace

You go to work every day in the pursuit of a career that will support you and give you the income you need to do the things you love. As an employee, there are many rules and regulations you need to follow, but there are also protections in place to help you if you find yourself in a position where you’re struggling at work or if you feel that you’re not being treated appropriately.

Every employee has a number of rights. Employees have the right to be compensated fairly and be free from discrimination. They have a right to work in a safe environment and be safe from retaliation for filing a claim for an injury or against an employer for harassment or other concerns.

Why are employee rights so important?

They help protect you against unfair retaliation or termination. Without employee rights, you could be fired for filing a claim for workers’ compensation or demoted for making a harassment complaint. You could face discrimination on the job daily with no way to seek help.

Are there federal regulations in place to assist and protect employees?

Yes, there are. One is Title VII, which applies to places of employment with 15 or more employees. This regulation makes it illegal to discriminate during the hiring process.

Another protection offered through federal law is the Americans With Disabilities Act. This act defines what a disability is and prohibits discrimination against people who have qualified disabilities.

If you face discrimination or are treated unfairly in the workplace, you have the right to seek help from an attorney. Your attorney can listen to your case and give you more information on what to expect.

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