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Benefits of knowing first aid on the job

First aid is something that every adult should learn at some point in their lifetime. Why? You may never have to use what you know, but that one time where it is needed, you might save the life of a co-worker or loved one or even your own life. Today, we will explore the benefits of knowing first aid on the job.

If you are able to provide first aid to a co-worker who has become seriously ill or suffered an injury on the job, you might help reduce their recovery time. When someone has to wait for EMTs or paramedics to arrive, their chances at a quick recovery drops.

Knowing first aid allows you to keep the patient comfortable without hurting them further while they wait for first responders. You can improve their comfort level by knowing how and where to appropriately place a bandage to stop bleeding or where to place an ice pack.

Learning how to provide first aid will give you the tools to help prevent a bad situation from getting worse. You might be able to prevent the patient from passing out by tending to them immediately. Or, you might be able to stop excessive bleeding because you know how to apply a tourniquet using a t-shirt or other piece of clothing.

As you can see, having a working knowledge of first aid can help in an emergency situation while at work. You will be able to control bleeding, help someone who has gone unconscious and more while waiting for emergency personnel to respond to your place of employment.

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