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Common examples of workplace hostility

Employees should be able to feel safe, supported and protected in their workplace. It’s an environment in which they spend a significant portion of their lives, and it’s a place where they should be able to focus on their job, rather than worry about social interactions.

However, unfortunately, it’s common for employees to find themselves in a hostile environment. A hostile working environment is often created through discrimination or harassment. If you are feeling uncomfortable at work because of the inappropriate behavior of a co-worker or your boss, you may be able to take action by filing a discrimination claim.

What are some examples of the creation of a hostile work environment through discrimination?

Age discrimination can create a hostile environment at work. For example, if you are over the age of 40 and work in an environment with many significantly younger people, you may find that your age is constantly being joked about. Additionally, if you notice that you are being excluded from social groups or disrespected because of your age to the point that you feel markedly uncomfortable in the workplace, this could be defined as a hostile work environment.

Similarly, gender discrimination can create a hostile environment in workplaces where the vast majority of employees are one gender. If you are being subjected to inappropriate jokes because of your gender, or if you are not treated as an equal, you may want to file a discrimination claim.

You should not allow your career to suffer as a result of being discriminated against in the workplace. By taking action, you may be able to gain compensation.

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