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Common Sedentary Workers’ Compensation Claims in California (2024)

Some disabled workers are not completely physically unable to work, though they are dealing with a long-term illness or injury that prevents them from performing their previous job duties at a full-time rate. In addition, in many of these cases, workers opt for part-time disability benefits in a reduced work schedule, allowing them to perform a job that requires less physical ability. These sedentary jobs are great for workers who still want to work but can’t earn a full living doing so. Reduced wages and reduced hours often enable workers to still get part-time disability benefits.

How to Qualify for Part-Time Disability Benefits

Workers who work part-time or for intermittent periods, reduced hours, or reduced wages are, in many cases, still eligible for disability insurance from the Employment Development Department of the state of California. To qualify, a claimant must make at least $300 in total wages and also be losing wages. If you are a claimant who is applying for disability insurance, additional eligibility requirements are that you must: 

  • Be able to perform regular or customary work for a minimum of eight days.
  • Be actively looking for work or be employed at the time you begin receiving disability.
  • Have earned $300 during the base period from which state disability insurance deductions were made.
  • Be receiving care and treatment from a licensed physician or practitioner within the first eight days of beginning disability benefits and remain under their care to continue receiving disability insurance benefits. You must provide medical certification from your doctor that you have a disability. You may be required to undergo an independent medical exam to establish eligibility.
  • Submit your claim for disability insurance benefits no earlier than 9 days from the time your disability begins, and no later than 49 days after your disability begins, to avoid loss of benefits or qualification

Part-Time and Intermittent Work Schedules

Part-time work is described as working less than your normal weekly schedule. Intermittent means that you work for a period of time and then have a break, whether it be for a few days, weeks, or months. If, in either of these cases, you lose wages, you may be eligible for disability. Additionally, reduced scheduling or reduced hours means that you have received a reduced weekly salary due to your injury. If this resulted in lost wages, you might be eligible for disability insurance. These disability insurance benefits are calculated by subtracting your current wages from your wages prior to your injury. The difference becomes your loss, and this will be your weekly benefit amount to supplement your diminished wages.

Should You Hire an Attorney?

To get the maximum benefits possible and/or settlement for your partial disability claim, enlist the help of an experienced Social Security disability lawyer who knows the laws and understands how they affect your case. Having an attorney help you with your case can be invaluable to its potential outcome. Attorneys with a practice focused on workers’ compensation settlements and personal injury claims have a network of contacts that they can tap into to investigate your case further to prove liability. This is especially useful if you have a problem with your employer or insurance company denying your claim.

A good attorney can also keep you on schedule with court dates and submission dates while staying within the statute of limitations for workers’ compensation claims. Additionally, an attorney can:

  • Explain to you your options and possible outcomes of your case.
  • Negotiate with the insurance adjuster to get you the top settlement amount they have to offer.
  • Make sure that you understand the laws as they are applied to your injury and your case.

Above all, an attorney can protect your rights as well as defend your rights to workers’ compensation for your work-related injuries.

Sedentary Jobs for Injured Workers

For workers who become injured and are no longer able to perform physical work duties, they may opt for a sedentary job that requires less physical ability to accommodate their injury. These jobs allow them to continue working and earn partial wages while still receiving benefits and recovering from or alleviating stress from their injury. Some of the most lucrative and popular jobs for sedentary workers are listed below.

  • Call center representative
  • Receptionist
  • Insurance verification specialist
  • Bus or rideshare driver
  • Customer service center representative
  • Transcriptionist

FAQs About Common Sedentary Workers’ Compensation Claims in California

What Is the Workers’ Comp Rate for 2024 in California?

California’s 2024 compensation rate is the fourth-highest in the country. California’s current workers’ compensation index rate is $2.16 and trails New York by just five cents and New Jersey by about 35 cents. A state’s workers’ comp rate refers to the cost of insurance for a company. For example, if a company pays out $100,000 in payroll, its annual premium for workers’ comp insurance would be $2,160.

What Is the TTD Rate for 2024?

The 2024 minimum weekly temporary total disability (TTD) rate increases to $243, which is an increase of just under $13, and the maximum benefit amount increases to just shy of $1,620, a jump of about $80. By law, this amount is directly proportional to the state average weekly wage (SAWW) increase percentage from the previous year, which increased a little more than 5% for this year.

What Is the Average Workers’ Comp Settlement in California?

It is hard to determine the average or typical amount that a workers’ comp case can be worth in California because a lot of factors can affect an individual’s final settlement amount. For example, the type of injury, the severity of the accident, and the amount of medical treatment necessary, as well as the amount of lost wages the injured party experienced as a result, can all significantly impact the final settlement amount. A majority of workers’ comp settlements fall within the range of $2,000 to $20,000.

What Qualifies for Permanent Disability in California?

Permanent disability in California, according to state law, is defined as a worker suffering from an illness or injury. They are then treated for that illness or injury by a medical professional, such as a doctor, despite the fact that the doctor does not believe the injured party will recover from their condition. Therefore, it is deemed as a permanent disability.

Obtaining a Sedentary Workers’ Compensation Claim Attorney in California

If you are in need of legal assistance in securing partial disability benefits while still working at a sedentary job, contact Canlas Law Group and speak to a member of our experienced team to see how we can be of assistance to your case.

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