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Construction tools that can cause serious injury, death

There is no doubt that the use of construction tools can speed up the completion of a task, while also ensuring accuracy.

There is also no doubt that the improper use of construction tools can result in serious injury or even death.

If you regularly use construction tools in your line of work, it’s important to become familiar with those that are among the most dangerous. This information may help you avoid a serious situation.

Here are some of the most dangerous construction tools:

  • Chain saw. Used to cut many things, such as trees, a chain saw can be fatal if used in the wrong manner.
  • Table saw. Commonly used on construction sites, a table saw has the potential to inflict serious damage if the blade comes in contact with any body part.
  • Nail gun. Every year, nail gun mishaps lead to serious injuries and fatalities. For example, horseplay when using a nail gun could lead to an injury or death.
  • Power drill. This is a dangerous construction tool that is not always considered as such. You should never come in contact with a drill bit while it’s spinning.
  • Ladder. It may not be a power tool, but ladders can be found all over construction sites. If you are going to use a ladder, make sure you know how to remain safe at all times. A simple mistake, such as using a ladder that is too short, can cause a serious accident.

Construction workers use a variety of tools, all of which are meant to make their life easier. Unfortunately, there are times when a tool causes more harm than good.

If you suffer any type of injury on a construction site, make sure you receive immediate medical attention. You should also report the accident to your employer.

If you are unable to return to work immediately following the injury, you may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. This money can help you get by until you make a full recovery.

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