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Could a construction injury leave you with a disability?

Here in Cerritos and the rest of Southern California, the construction industry is booming — but it’s hard, dangerous work that can also lead to permanent injuries and disabilities.

Exactly what dangers you may face on the job can vary from day to day, and job to job. Some are more likely to be debilitating or life-threatening than others, however. Which workers are most likely to suffer the most disabling injuries — and why? Consider these:

Heavy equipment operators

Heavy equipment operators run the risk of suffering injuries when their equipment malfunctions. They may also suffer injuries if they’re not properly trained on how to handle their machinery or don’t have the right personal protective equipment

Workers in confined spaces

Working in confined spaces, such as sewer and ductwork, is dangerous. Not only are these spaces often dark and cramped, but they lack proper ventilation. It’s easy for workers to become trapped in these areas and suffocate after being unable to get back out of them. Workers may also be forced to breathe in harsh chemicals while working in such tight quarters, something that can leave them with respiratory issues.

Demolition workers

Demolition work involves workers tearing down buildings. There are many dangers associated with doing this, especially if the structure becomes unstable due to age or fire. One of the biggest dangers demolition workers face is electrocution and building materials becoming projectiles.

Anybody working at heights

At least 40% of construction-related worker deaths involve falls from high-rise buildings. Windy and inclement weather can enhance the dangers construction workers face. Cranes and other heavy equipment may collapse onto workers with little to no warning in unpredictable weather patterns.

Is your construction-related injury not going away?

Construction workers are tough, but countless accidents can leave them with disabling illnesses or injuries. While workers’ compensation coverage may be available, workers with permanent injuries may need to apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. Please continue reading our website to learn more about the process and your options.

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