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Could workplace discrimination decline in 2020?

Unfortunately, workplace discrimination is something that is not likely to ever disappear entirely. It has always been an issue in the United States and even the laws that make it illegal have not eradicated it. You can still find discrimination in workplaces all over California and the rest of the country.

That said, some have predicted that businesses will put an emphasis on inclusion in 2020 and that discrimination could decline. They note that the political landscape has been the opposite in recent years, so they expected to see businesses discriminate more, but they have curiously noticed them doing the opposite. They noted that it was almost as if they were attempting to “protect themselves” from what was happening outside of the company.

Could it be that the issue of discrimination has just become more clear than ever and that many business owners have taken that as a wake-up call to avoid it at their own companies? Could this push back against discrimination make it less common in 2020 and moving forward?

Perhaps. It’s too early to tell, of course, and history shows us that discrimination will likely not end, but this could be a positive trend that gives more workers a better environment where their rights are respected.

For those for whom this predicted future does not come to pass, those who still face serious discrimination in the course of their employment, it’s important to know what legal rights they have. Discrimination is illegal and there are steps that workers can take when they feel they are not getting fair treatment.

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