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Dealing with Social Security denials is a difficult task

If you get denied for Social Security Disability, one of the things you may want to know is what you can do to get approved. If this isn’t your first denial, then it’s already a reality that you don’t have many options.

What you can do is file an appeal, called a request for reconsideration, after your first denial. If you are denied again, you need to request a disability hearing. The hearing takes place in person, making it easier for you to show your disability to those who have the power to approve your disability benefits.

To help you get approved for the benefits you want, make sure you have medical records dating back long enough to prove the onset of your disability along with the current state of your disability. It’s vital that you determine when the disability began, because if and when you’re approved, you’ll receive disability back pay. Acceptable medical sources include podiatrists, certified physicians, surgeons and other medical professionals. You may wish to ask your doctor to appear at the hearing to speak on the severity of your condition.

Our website has more about Social Security disability and what to do if you’ve been denied more than once. Sometimes, a hearing is what it takes to finally get your case heard correctly. In many cases, you can obtain back pay for the time you weren’t receiving, but should have been receiving, disability benefits. Help is available for people in your situation; the wait may be long, but this hearing could be exactly what you need.

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