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Does a crush injury qualify you to receive disability benefits?

There are many jobs in which it’s commonplace for workers to use or be surrounded by heavy machinery. This often happens in a warehouse, on a construction site, near a harbor, at a truck depot and in manufacturing plants.

One of the biggest dangers associated with working around heavy equipment is that doing so enhances your risk of suffering a serious crush injury. There are a few different ways these incidents may occur, which dictate how long-lasting your injuries may be.

How do crush injuries occur?

There are many types of crush injuries. For instance, a forklift operator may inadvertently back the machine into a colleague, pinning them in between the machine and the wall. A worker could also get struck by a tractor-trailer as it backs up to a loading dock.

One way in which a construction worker may end up suffering a crush injury is if a dump truck drops their load on top of them. It’s also quite possible for building materials or heavy equipment such as an excavator to fall atop a worker as they perform their role.

Caught-in accidents can also lead to crush injuries. These often happen in manufacturing plants. A worker who doesn’t remove their jewelry or tie up their hair before operating machinery, for example, may find that a body part gets caught in that equipment. They may face serious impairments or require an amputation as a result.

Many individuals who suffer crush injuries on the job assume that their only recourse for securing medical bills or lost wages is to file a workers’ compensation claim. Some workers aren’t eligible for such coverage, and it may run out at some point. Some impairments are so severe that a worker can’t return to the workforce. You may want to learn more about Social Security disability benefits and whether you meet the qualifying criteria to receive them in such a situation.

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