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Don’t be afraid to appeal a workers’ compensation denial

Although workplace injuries are typically covered by your company’s workers’ compensation insurance policy, there is no guarantee you will receive an instant approval upon making a claim.

There are many potential reasons for a workers’ compensation denial, including but not limited to

  • The injury was not reported in time
  • The claim was not filed in time
  • An employer dispute
  • Insufficient medical treatment

If you receive a denial letter, you have two options:

  • Let it go and find other ways to get by financially
  • Appeal the decision with the hopes of having it overturned

Despite the effort it takes to file a workers’ compensation appeal, you shouldn’t shy away from the process. There’s no way of knowing how things will work out, but you should always feel free to fight for your rights.

Getting started

The first thing you should do is read your workers’ compensation denial letter in full. This will give you a clear idea of what went wrong and the details to focus on in your appeal.

The letter will include a deadline to file your appeal, so make sure you take timely action.

There’s a good chance you’ll need to provide supporting documentation, such as medical records, so don’t hesitate to gather all the necessary information.

You may be dealing with a serious injury, but that doesn’t mean you should turn a blind eye to your workers’ compensation denial. You have legal rights and you need to protect them. By fighting back, such as through an appeal, you put yourself in position to receive the benefits you deserve in the future.

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