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Electrocution accidents at work are a major concern

Regardless of your profession, you are likely exposed to electrical energy at some point in your workday. For example, if you work in a traditional office, you may have a variety of power cords plugged into a power strip under your desk.

Electrocution accidents happen time after time on worksites. While these don’t always lead to serious injury or death, they are very dangerous.

Knowing the most common causes of electrocution accidents at work can help you avoid trouble:

  • Direct contact with an energized power line, such as when working overhead on a construction site
  • Direct contact with electrically energized equipment
  • Damaged equipment
  • Improperly installed equipment
  • Equipment that comes in contact with an energized power line

Some professions are more dangerous than others in regard to the potential for an electrocution accident. For example, if you work in an office, you’re not likely to come in contact with an overhead power line. However, if you work in the construction industry, this could come into play at some point.

An electrocution accident requires immediate medical attention, so don’t wait a single minute to call for help. If you’re unable to do so, rely on a co-worker to call 911 for assistance.

If possible, inform your supervisor or employer as to what happened, as this can help others avoid trouble. It also helps to prove that you were injured on the job.

Your electrocution may make it difficult to return to work in the near future. If you are facing a long-term recovery, learn how to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. You may be able to receive compensation as you recover.

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