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Explaining Title 7 violations

Every worker should have an understanding of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Why? Title VII protects workers from being discriminated against in the workplace by their employer, co-workers and other members of the workforce. Let’s take a deeper look at Title VII in today’s post so you know how you are protected as an employee of companies in Los Angeles County.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act protects employees from discrimination based on any of the following characteristics:

  • Color
  • Race
  • Sex
  • Religion
  • National origin

Employers are prohibited from discriminating against current employees or prospective employees when it comes to employment terms, conditions or privileges of employment based on the above-protected characteristics.

The situations where discrimination most often occurs include the following:

  • Hiring
  • Promoting
  • Recruiting
  • Assigning work
  • Disciplining
  • Discharging
  • Providing benefits
  • Measuring performance
  • Training
  • Transferring

The Title VII clause of the Civil Rights Act applies to private and public employers who have at least 15 employees. Title VII must also be followed by employment agencies, labor organizations and the federal government.

If a person applies for a job at a company that must follow the specifications of Title VII, the person cannot be denied a job because of their age, sex, religion, national origin or color. Current employees also cannot be denied promotions or transfers or raises due to these characteristics. It must be done on job performance alone.

As you can see, Title VII is an important part of the law that protects employees from discrimination at their place of employment. If you believe you have been discriminated against and fall into one of the protected groups, be sure to speak with an attorney about your situation.

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