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Fighting for your job: 3 things to consider

Employees know that the workplace can be a difficult place to be. While employers are supposed to provide a healthy environment for people to work in, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, people face harassment or discrimination, which makes it hard to focus on their jobs.

In cases where you’re dealing with a difficult boss, you have options. To start with, you can focus on defusing the situation with a few of these tips. If they don’t work, you may have a situation on your hands that requires more significant intervention.

Focus on listening

If you’re getting called into the office and yelled at day after day, first determine if you truly are the problem. Maybe you’re not listening or learning the job, so you have to be reprimanded. Stay calm and focus on hearing what your boss has to say. Do not stand for degrading, rude comments; if your boss says anything racist or sexist, that could be a sign that you need to look into making a claim for harassment or discrimination.

Be proactive

If you find out you’re doing something wrong or that your coworkers aren’t getting something finished on time, you need to start being proactive. Keeping your job is possible if you focus on being the best possible employee without patronizing others or demonstrating negative behaviors.

Communicate well

If you do have concerns, focus on communicating them in a calm, collected manner. Shooting off an angry email won’t do anything but offend, so take the time to calm down and gather your thoughts.

If you lose your job as a result of unfair treatment, you should hold on to any information that can help you fight that termination. With the right evidence, you can hold your employer accountable.

Source: Psychology Today, “How to Lose (or Save) Your Job” Lynn Taylor, accessed May 14, 2018

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