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Financial implications for family of worker killed on the job

Should a family member die on the job in California, what are the implications you face? This is a serious question and one that many people do not consider asking when faced with the death of a loved one. The employer of your loved one might not face any repercussions for the employee’s death, but your family surely will, especially when it comes to your financial situation.

First and foremost, the finances of your family will be thrown into upheaval upon a loved one’s death on the job, especially if they were the breadwinner or made the most money. The implications will occur almost immediately as paychecks will stop being issued.

With the loss of an income, whether you were a one- or two-income family, you will notice that the bills begin to pile up on your counter. It can become challenging to pay those bills, which can lead to eviction if you rent and foreclosure if you own the home.

The deeper your financial problems go, the more difficult it will be to climb out of them without outside help. For example, if you are unable to find work or your employment does not pay enough, it might be time to consider selling the family home or filing for bankruptcy.

As you can see, the financial implication for your family are immense when you lose a loved one due to death in the workplace. It is important that you seek legal representation in an effort to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Your family’s finances will experience major changes in such a tragic situation.

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