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Follow these tips for safer trenching

Depending on your profession, you may find yourself working in a trench every now and again. In fact, this may be a big part of your job on a daily basis.

While trenching and excavating can be safe, it only takes one mistake to cause a serious accident that results in injury or even death.

Here are five tips for safer trenching:

  • Don’t enter an unprotected trench: Even if you’re doing so for a few seconds, an unprotected trench is one that can cause a serious accident.
  • Don’t park close to the edge of the trench: Any and all vehicles should be kept far away from the edge of the trench, as you don’t want to disturb the soil. As a general rule of thumb, keep a distance of two or more feet.
  • Watch for utilities: Don’t start digging until you’ve located any utility lines in the area.
  • Inspect daily: It’s important to inspect the trench at the beginning of every workday. Don’t assume that doing so at the beginning of the project is good enough, as things can change over time.
  • Educate others: While you may understand the importance of trench safety, it doesn’t mean others are as knowledgeable. If you see someone making a mistake, let them know how to be safer in the future.

By following these tips, safer trenching is well within reach. If at any point you’re injured in a workplace accident, notify your employer at once. Also, once you receive treatment and understand your injuries, learn more about filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.

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