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2024 How to Calculate Workers’ Compensation in California?

Getting hurt on the job can be devastating and have long-lasting consequences. Fortunately, under California workers’ compensation laws, workers suffering from a work-related injury or condition are entitled to workers’ comp payments to ensure key expenses are covered while they are out of work. It can be difficult for workers to understand the amount that they are entitled to receive, often leading to the question: how to calculate workers’ compensation in California?

By understanding the amount of workers’ compensation payments you are entitled to under the law, you can be sure that your employer’s workers’ compensation company is paying you the full amount you are entitled to receive. This financial security will allow you to focus on healing physically and emotionally from the work-related injury or illness.

While there are many useful resources available online for injured workers, including the California Department of Industrial Relations website, it can still be overwhelming to sift through all of the information available and try to determine the payment amount you are entitled to. Therefore, it is advisable to work with a workers’ compensation lawyer.

How to Calculate Workers’ Compensation Benefits in California

In California, how you calculate your workers’ compensation benefits is first dependent on the types of benefits that you are eligible for. Workers’ compensation covers five basic benefits:

  • Medical Treatment. This benefit covers medical treatment costs associated with a work-related injury or illness.
  • Temporary Disability Benefits. These benefits are for workers who are temporarily out of their jobs due to work-related injuries or illnesses and are intended to partially cover wages until the workers can return to their jobs.
  • Permanent Disability Benefits. These benefits are for employees who have permanent impairment because of their work-related incident.
  • Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits. These benefits give injured workers the opportunity to get vocational rehabilitation services or financial assistance to support them with finding a different job that fits within their new limitations.
  • Death Benefits. These benefits are for dependents of a worker who dies related to a work-related illness or injury.

The specific workers’ compensation benefits that you are entitled to depend on factors such as the nature and severity of your impairment and the rate of recovery. If you have been approved to receive temporary disability benefits, then you are entitled to two-thirds the amount of your pre-tax average weekly wage. Under California law, there is a minimum and maximum allowable amount that can be paid out to injured workers, which changes yearly.

Although not required by law, some companies in California have a “Disability with Leave Pay” program, in which they make up for the remaining one-third of your prior average weekly payment so that you can receive your full salary while you are on leave. If you are entitled to receive permanent disability benefits, calculating the amount you are entitled to is less straightforward.

If your condition is not improving, your physician will need to write you a P&S report in which they declare you to be “permanent and stationary.” The P&S report is important to determining the amount of future benefits you will receive. You will also receive a rating, which is a percentage that estimates how much your disability impairs your ability to make a living.

Ultimately, your claims administrator will determine how much to pay you based on your disability rating, the date of your work injury, the wages you earned before injury, and whether or not your employer offers you work. A skilled workers’ compensation lawyer can help you understand the benefits you are entitled to receive, working to ensure that you get the payment amounts that you deserve.


Q: How Much Is My Workers’ Compensation Claim Worth in California?

A: In California, the value of your workers’ compensation claim is dependent on a wide variety of factors, including the severity and nature of your work-related condition or injury, the amount of medical treatment required, your average weekly wage prior to the accident and the relevant workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers’ compensation benefits can include payments for medical treatment, vocational rehabilitation services, permanent or temporary disability benefits, or even death benefits for eligible dependents of a person who had a work-related death.

Q: How Can You Calculate the Amount of Workers’ Compensation?

A: Usually, the amount of workers’ compensation benefits that a person can receive in California is calculated by taking the average weekly wage of the injured worker in addition to the kind of benefits that they are eligible for. If the worker is set to receive temporary disability benefits, this is usually calculated as around 66% of the average weekly wage.

Q: What Is the Workers’ Compensation Rate in California?

A: The workers’ compensation rate in California is calculated based on the injured worker’s average weekly wage and is usually two-thirds of the amount the worker was receiving prior to the injury that caused the accident. There are also maximum and minimum temporary disability benefit rates, which can change yearly depending on factors such as inflation.

Permanent disability benefits are more complex to compute and consider the extent of the permanent impairment, in addition to other factors such as age and occupation.

Q: What Workers’ Compensation Benefits Am I Entitled To Receive?

A: Workers’ compensation can cover five basic benefits, which include medical treatment, temporary disability benefits, permanent disability benefits, supplemental job displacement benefits, and death benefits. The specific workers’ compensation benefits that you are entitled to depend on the nature and severity of your impairment, whether the injured worker died on the job, and whether the extent of the injuries requires new occupational training to switch to another career.

A skilled workers’ compensation lawyer can help you understand the benefits you are entitled to.

Understand the Amount of Workers’ Compensation You Are Entitled To

If you have been injured on the job or gotten sick, then you are likely wondering how you will continue to survive financially. Thankfully, workers’ compensation in California has comprehensive payments that can cover costs such as medical expenses for work-related injuries and payments to account for lost wages.

In order to have a better understanding of the types of workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to receive and how much you can expect to see in payments, reach out to an experienced attorney from Canlas Law Group today.

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