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Predesignate a doctor in case of a workplace injury

In an emergency, the last thing you have on your mind is which doctor you want to see. Most people just want to feel better, to stop bleeding or to get pain medications to help them feel normal. If not having your own doctor is something that worries you, you may be able to predesignate a personal physician with your employer.

It’s fairly easy to do so. You’ll need to contact your employer in writing to let him or her know that you wish to predesignate a personal physician in the event that you need care. You’ll want to include important information in the statement including the name of your employer, who you designate as your personal physician, how to reach your physician and the date. You will also need to sign the document in plain text and with your personal signature.

If there is a doctor who has your medical records from the past, you can opt to make that doctor your personal physician. You can designate either a doctor of osteopathy or doctor of medicine for this position in your workers’ compensation paperwork. Some doctors may not be predesignated including acupuncturists or chiropractor.

Sometimes, alternative doctors or groups may be designated. The person or group you want to predesignate must have MDs or DOs in the group. It must offer primary care and care of various medical specialties. Additionally, the office or doctor you wish to predesignate should primarily treat medical conditions that aren’t a result of workplace injuries.

Predesignating a doctor can give you peace of mind knowing that you’re in good hands. Your workers’ comp attorney can help you submit the correct documents to do so.

Source: California Department of Industrial Relations, “Workers’ Compensation in California: A Guidebook for Injured Workers,” accessed July 07, 2017

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