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Statistics show that more workers are dying in California

In early 2020, officials put out a report on workplace incidents and fatalities, looking at the data for 2018. It’s the most recent report on the books, and it shows a concerning trend: Workplace deaths are increasing.

While the stats do move up and down a bit over the years, 2018 saw a very clear rise. Here is the data from the last few years to show just how common these fatalities are in California:

  • 2014: 344 deaths
  • 2016: 388 deaths
  • 2017: 376 deaths
  • 2018: 422 deaths

The jump from 2014 to 2016 was concerning enough, but things appeared to get safer with a slight decline in 2017. That progress got washed out in 2018, though, with a massive increase that broke the 400 mark.

The chief with the Division of Occupational Safety and Health put out a statement with the reports, saying that they showed how important safety is and how officials need to do all in their power to make sure workers have safe environments in which to carry out their careers.

One trend that worries officials, according to the reports, is how often Latino workers lose their lives on the job. It seems to happen at a disproportionate rate, making up 43% of all worker deaths in 2018. This raises questions about the industries they work in and if safety measures are really the same for all workers.

Regardless of your industry or your race, if you get injured on the job, you must know your rights. The same is true for the families of workers who lose their lives. They may be able to seek compensation for funeral costs, lost earnings and much more.

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