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What are my rights as a California employee?

All employees in the United States are protected by certain laws. However, some employees suffer because they are mistreated by their employers, and they are unaware of their rights.

This is why it is so important that you make sure that you know your rights as an employee in California. By understanding what your rights are, you will be able to take legal action when the actions of your employer fall short of their legal obligations. The following is an overview of the most basic rights of employees.

Your right to a safe workplace

All employees have the right to a safe workplace that is free from dangerous conditions, safety hazards and toxic circumstances. They also have the right to report dangerous conditions to a governmental agency.

Your right to be free from discrimination and harassment

All workers should not be treated negatively on the basis of a protected characteristic such as their race, disability, nationality or gender. All workers are also protected from bullying and harassment in the workplace.

Your right to be free from retaliation

If workers make a complaint or report an instance of harassment, they cannot be fired for doing so. If a worker is punished for making a complaint, this counts as retaliation.

Your right to fair wages

Workers have the right to be paid fairly for the work they have performed and in accordance with the minimum wage requirements.

If you believe that you have been treated unfairly by your employer, you should not simply tolerate such treatment. You may be able to take legal action and gain compensation as a result.

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