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2024 What Does a Los Angeles Workers’ Comp Lawyer Do?

If you have been injured on the job in Los Angeles, then you have likely heard about workers’ compensation benefits. However, you may be unsure about the details of how the workers’ comp system works as well as how you can actually access these benefits. To understand how a Los Angeles workers’ compensation lawyer can help you with these procedures, it is important to first ask, “What does a Los Angeles workers’ comp lawyer do?”

Except for certain exceptions, California workers’ compensation laws require all employers to have workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. This standard applies across the state, including cities such as Los Angeles. Workers’ compensation benefits get paid out to injured employees, helping cover expenses, such as medical costs, associated with their injuries, along with lost wages and benefits.

Understanding the role of a workers’ compensation lawyer can help you have a better idea of whether their services could help optimize your situation after your work accident.

Breaking It Down: The Roles and Responsibilities of an LA Workers’ Compensation Attorney

A workers’ compensation attorney is highly skilled in helping Los Angeles workers who have job-related injuries or illnesses, and they have a deep knowledge of local, state, and federal workers’ compensation and occupational laws and regulations. A breakdown of their roles and responsibilities includes:

  • Case assessment. A workers’ compensation lawyer can listen to your story, address your concerns and questions, and take in the details of your case by reviewing key accident evidence, medical documentation, and other crucial documents. A case assessment may include an investigation of the incident, including obtaining medical records and interviewing witnesses to collect evidence to support the case.
  • Support with claim filing. The legal representative can help you file a workers’ compensation claim right away, ensuring that all documents are adequately filled out and submitted. They can provide any pertinent supporting evidence as well.
  • Negotiating with insurance companies. A workers’ comp lawyer can actively communicate with the employer’s insurance company to follow up on the case. They can also negotiate with the insurance company representatives to advocate for an optimal settlement for their client.
  • Pursuing litigation. If the attorney cannot negotiate a just and fair settlement amount with the insurance company, they can help you file a claim and represent you in hearings and trials. They can also assist you by helping you navigate complex legal processes and present evidence and sound legal arguments on your behalf.
  • Support with appeals. If a workers’ compensation claim is denied, a workers’ comp lawyer can help you explore options to appeal the decision. This can involve filing appeals with administrative agencies or going through the courts.

A strong and experienced workers’ compensation lawyer has the main responsibility of acting as an advocate for their client throughout each step of the bureaucratic and legal processes. They offer legal advice based on the client’s case details and desired outcomes.

A workers’ comp attorney also gives their client the information and legal advice they need to make effective decisions. Los Angeles workers’ compensation lawyers ultimately help injured and sick workers get the optimal benefits and compensation that they are entitled to under the law.


Q: What Percentage Does a CA Workers’ Comp Attorney Take?

A: The percentage that a California workers’ compensation attorney will take from your final workers’ compensation settlement is dependent on a variety of factors, including the:

  • Location and reputation of the law practice
  • Knowledge and experience of the attorney
  • Complexity of your case
  • Parties involved
  • Nature and extent of your injuries

It’s important to note that if you aren’t offered a workers’ comp settlement, the attorney will not be compensated for their time investment.

Q: How Much Can I Expect to Get From My CA Workers’ Comp Settlement?

A: The amount that you can expect to get from your workers’ compensation settlement is dependent on certain influencing factors, such as:

  • The knowledge and experience of your attorney
  • The extent of your damages and injuries
  • Whether you have lost earning capacity
  • The insurance company’s willingness to negotiate
  • The amount of time that you are not able to work due to your workplace injuries

An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can give you a more accurate estimate of the workers’ compensation settlement that you can expect to receive.

Q: What Are My California Workers’ Compensation Rights?

A: Under California workers’ compensation laws, you are entitled to pursue workers’ compensation benefits if you have been injured or developed an illness or condition as a result of a workplace accident or situation. You must file for workers’ compensation benefits within one year of your injury or illness development. This period is known as the statute of limitations. You have the right to pursue these benefits without retaliation or wrongful termination from your CA employer.

Q: How Long Will It Take for My CA Workers’ Compensation Case to Settle?

A: The amount of time that your workers’ compensation case in California takes to come to a settlement can be a few months, but it generally should not take more than half a year. Factors that can impact the length of your case include the willingness of your legal representation to fight for an adequate amount on your behalf as well as the complexity and extent of your injuries. In some cases, you may need to attend an informal hearing, which may prolong the decision process.

Discover How a Los Angeles Workers’ Comp Lawyer From Our Firm Can Help Your Case

Suffering an injury after a workplace accident can be overwhelming and emotionally exhausting. Therefore, it can be difficult for accident victims to consider navigating complex bureaucratic processes, such as applying to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

A compassionate and knowledgeable workers’ compensation benefits lawyer from Canlas Law Group can understand the details of your case and work to get you the optimal amount of compensation you are entitled to. Reach out today to see how a lawyer from our LA-based law firm can fight for the benefits that you need after a workplace injury.

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