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What should you do about a breach of employment contract?

When you sign an employment contract at the time of starting a new job, you do so with the idea that you and your employer will adhere to the terms and conditions.

Unfortunately, there are times when this doesn’t happen, especially if you decide to leave the company for any reason.

If your employer breaches your contract, such as fighting to pay severance that’s owed to you, there are a few key steps to take.

  • Talk to your employer: With a copy of your employment contract in hand, meet with the human resources department and/or company owner to review the details and hash out a remedy. If this works, you won’t have to proceed with additional steps.
  • Make it clear that they’re breaching the contract: It’s imperative that you’re completely clear with your employer about your situation and intentions. Let them know they’re in violation of the contract, and you’re considering legal action.
  • Take legal action: If the above doesn’t work, it’s time to take legal action with the hope of receiving compensatory damages. These are designed to provide you with what you would have received if your employer had fulfilled their end of the contract.

You hope that your employer follows the terms and conditions of your employment contract, but you shouldn’t assume this will happen. If you run into trouble, do your best to work things out directly with your employer.

If you’re unable to find common ground, learn more about your legal rights and then take steps to protect them. There’s never a good time to let your employer (or former employer) push you around.

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