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What workers’ compensation benefits could I gain?

Everyone has the right to be reasonably safe when performing work-related activities, but it is not usually possible to file a lawsuit in the event of an injury. If you become injured in your personal life when on private premises, your injury may lead you to file a premises liability claim to claim damages. When you are injured at work, it is generally not possible to file a personal injury claim. This is because workers’ compensation protects employers from being involved in a lawsuit.

Workers’ compensation benefits employees because it is possible to claim damages regardless of fault. If you have been injured in the workplace, the following are some types of benefits that you could receive.

Partial replacement of income

If you needed to take time off work to recover from your injuries, you may have lost wages as a result. While it is unlikely that you will be able to claim all of your lost wages, you will be entitled to a portion of your average weekly income through disability benefits.

Associated medical costs

Medical bills can become very costly, and those bills may be one of your biggest worries after becoming injured. All medical costs that are considered appropriate and related to your injury can be fully covered through a workers’ compensation claim.

Retraining costs

If your injury means that you are no longer able to perform your job, you will need to retrain for a new position. Workers’ compensation can provide you with the funds to make this possible.
If you are worried about your finances as a result of becoming injured at work in California, you should take swift action to file a workers’ compensation claim.

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