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You deserve workers’ compensation for occupational illnesses

The workers’ compensation system is supposed to be there to help those who are hurt on the job. The problem is that some people are not given all the benefits they deserve as easily as they should receive them. Sometimes, employers don’t want to file a claim, or they claim that the injury you’ve suffered isn’t related to your work.

In fact, one woman has been fighting for years to obtain compensation for her husband’s injuries and death through the workers’ compensation system. The difficulty, like in many cases, is linking the injuries he had to the job. For many Americans, this rings true as they try to show that it was exposure to hazardous elements that has left them injured, not genetics or other factors.

Researchers have shown that many people with occupational diseases never file a claim. Doing so would require the workers to consider their jobs as the factor that caused their illnesses and then require them to build a case to win compensation. Sometimes, they would need medical experts to look into their cases to find a link between their jobs and illnesses.

The burden of proof falls on the victim, which makes it hard to win the compensation needed. Claimants have to show that the work they did was the greatest cause of the injury and not anything outside their employment that the employers may suggest.

Cases like this can be hard to prove, but your attorney can help. There’s no reason you should not be entitled to fair compensation for injuries you received on the job. Our website has more on the steps to take to get what you deserve.

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