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Your workers’ compensation rights in California

One of the most fundamental rights for workers across the United States is the right to gain compensation for damages when they become injured in the workplace. The vast majority of workers are able to file a claim when their injury took place while carrying out work-related activities, and all employees covered by workers’ compensation are able to file a claim regardless of their immigration status.

There are certain specific state laws that come into play when claiming workers’ compensation. If you intend to file for workers’ compensation in California, it is important to get familiar with both the state and federal laws. The following are some of the key rights that you have as an injured worker covered by workers’ compensation in California.

You have the right to compensation regardless of fault

Workers have the right to gain compensation for any injury that caused damages, regardless of fault. For example, if a worker was operating machinery and made a mistake, injuring themselves in the process, they would still be able to make a claim. However, if the employee was engaging in horseplay when they become injured, they will not have the right to make a claim.

You have the right to full medical coverage

All medical expenses that you incur as the result of your injury should be fully compensated by workers’ compensation insurance.

You have the right to be provided claim forms within 1 day

You should notify your employer of your injury within 30 days of it occurring. You have the right to receive the claim form within one day of doing this.

If you have been injured in the California workplace, it is important that you take action to claim the compensation you deserve.

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