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Construction workers: Never forget these ladder safety tips

The longer workers use ladders on their daily job, the higher the statistical likelihood that a fall will occur. Many fall injuries happen simply because workers become too comfortable and complacent as they become more and more familiar with their daily work routines.

Riggers: Beware of falls on the job

If you work as a rigger, the fast-paced environment keeps you on your toes at all times. Unfortunately, there are also many risks of working as a rigger -- some of which increase during particular activities. For example, when conducting a lift or preparing a load you're often exposed to fall hazards.

Carpal tunnel syndrome: Receive a diagnosis, get treatment

As someone who uses a computer, day in and day out, it's possible you could one day develop carpal tunnel syndrome. As a repetitive stress injury, this is something that slowly comes into play over the course of time.

Workers' compensation is there for you in the worst of times

You went to work and had a day much like any other. Only this time, your day didn't end like you'd planned. Just as you were about to clock out for the day, you took on a final task for a coworker. You stayed late to help with routine maintenance on a piece of machinery you were familiar with, but the coworker wasn't. You thought all the equipment was turned off, but one part activated while you were working.

Your employer should accommodate your work injury on the job

Manufacturing workers risk injury every day at their jobs. All the moving parts and heavy machinery, as well as dangerous or abrasive chemicals are risk factors for employee accidents. Even those who try to do everything they can to stay safe could still wind up hurt.

What is a reasonable accommodation after a workers' comp claim?

No one comes to work in the morning with the intention of ending up severely injured or sickened. However, people do end up hurt in the course of completing job duties every day in California. That's why workers' compensation insurance exists. It protects those who work for a living from incurring massive medical debt or becoming indigent as the result of a debilitating workplace injury.

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