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Pregnancy: Protected against discrimination

As a woman in the workplace, one of your fears may be that you could lose your job because you want to start a family. Pregnancy is, fortunately, protected under the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's (EEOC's) laws and regulations. Federal law bans employers from making decisions about hiring or firing as a result of your pregnancy or intention to have a family in the future. Employers can't ask you about your plans in an interview and may not use your plans against you in the workplace.

1 in 5 men victims of workplace sexual harassment

According to an April 8 report, men make up around one in five of those who complain to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) with workplace sexual harassment concerns. People often assume that women are the only people who deal with workplace sexual harassment, but it's simply not the truth. Even men can deal with these issues.

How does employment law help employees?

Employment law focuses on protecting the rights of workers or employers, depending on the side being practiced. Employee-side employment law focuses on the rights of employees and the obligations and responsibilities of employers to their employees. Attorneys in the field may work with clients facing issues due to wrongful termination, discrimination or wage concerns.

Your employer cannot require you to work overtime without pay

Many people with jobs in California get paid on an hourly basis. Instead of receiving a salary, they get paid for each hour they work for their employer. This system works well for many positions, companies and workers. However, some employers choose to abuse or violate the law when it comes to the rights of hourly workers.

You can prove that you were wrongfully terminated

Wrongful terminations are not as uncommon as you may think, and that's why you need to protect yourself. As someone who has been terminated from your position, you may be concerned that you were terminated in a manner that was against the law. Your reasoning is that you recently reported harassment at work, and now you suddenly are out of the job.

What is a reasonable accommodation after a workers' comp claim?

No one comes to work in the morning with the intention of ending up severely injured or sickened. However, people do end up hurt in the course of completing job duties every day in California. That's why workers' compensation insurance exists. It protects those who work for a living from incurring massive medical debt or becoming indigent as the result of a debilitating workplace injury.

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