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Observe these timelines in your workers’ compensation claim

Have you been involved in a workplace accident but are unsure of what to do? Informing your employer should be the first step you take but keep in mind that your worker’s compensation claim is hinged on legal timelines which you need to adhere to.

Disregarding some of these deadlines could affect your claim, and you may lose your right to compensation for the injuries you suffered during a workplace accident.

You have 30 days to make your employer aware

California law is particular about the time you have to notify your employer of a workplace accident. Unfortunately, many people fail to notify their employer of a workplace accident for fear of reprisal or ruining their relationship with the employer. The consequences could be dire, especially if complications develop after the expiration of the 30-day window.

If you cannot notify your employer within the specified time, then you need valid reasons for your claim to stand. For instance, if your injuries led to a coma or extensive hospitalization that prevented you from making your employer aware on time, your claim may still be valid.

You have one year to make a claim

There is also a statute of limitations for filing your workers’ compensation claim in California. You have one year from the date of the accident or when you should have reasonably discovered your injuries to file a claim with your employer. Your claim may be dismissed if you bring it later than that.

Taking swift action is in your best interests regarding compensation for your workplace accident. In addition, it is necessary to anticipate any challenges along the way, such as a denial of your claim. Being aware of the law will help you through the claims process successfully and ensure you are compensated.

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