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When your California workers’ comp claim gets denied

Getting hurt on the job can have a number of unexpected results. You may struggle with the downtime as you recover. You may experience increased tensions with other family members because of your constant presence in the home. Sometimes, you have to worry about financial issues because your workers’ compensation claim was denied. A denial doesn’t mean you won’t get benefits, but it can create a delay that causes substantial financial issues. If you are unable to work because of your injuries, how can you expect to pay for the medical care you need to resume your job?

There are options available when your workers’ compensation claim is denied. Whatever you think the best option is, your first step should be to speak with an experienced California workers’ compensation and employment law attorney to can guide you through the sometimes complex and frustrating system. Sometimes, failing to file a document or a simple mistake on your claim paperwork could result in your claim’s denial. Other times, you may have to deal with an employer who is contesting the claim.

Injured workers deserve workers’ compensation benefits

The reason that workers’ compensation insurance exists is to protect workers from losing everything if they experience a workplace injury or illness. Typically, workers’ compensation pays for all of the medical expenses related to work injury or illness, including trauma care, tests, surgery and physical therapy. You should file a report with your employer as soon as you’re injured and then follow up with a claim quickly.

If your employer contests or denies the claim, you may have to file an appeal or petition to receive the benefits you deserve. This can take a long time, resulting in delayed benefits and payments. Working with an experienced attorney is the best way to keep things moving smoothly.

Your attorney should be familiar with the process of medical review and also with workplace laws. Perhaps your employer is trying to unfairly and inaccurately list you as a contractor, not an employee. Maybe your employer is denying that the accident happened at work, which could require evidence gathering if you hope to receive benefits. .

An attorney can help connect you with the benefits you need

Don’t let an initial denial or unethical behavior on the part of your employer cause issues for your career and finances. If you were hurt on the job and need legal help getting workers’ compensation, you should speak with an experienced California employment law attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney can help you file an appeal, request a hearing or complete any necessary paperwork.

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