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March 2020 Archives

Electrocution: A risk to outdoor workers

Stormy weather poses a serious threat to outdoor workers. Did you know that lightning kills an average of 54 people every year? Any time you see a storm in the distance, there's a chance that you could be struck, too.  With the onset of the spring storm season, it's a good time to review some things about lightning. 

Are you entitled to overtime here in California?

While it may be exhausting to think about, most individuals look forward to those busy times on the job in which they may be asked to work more than 40 hours in a week. Workers are often excited about the prospect of being asked to stay on to put in more than full-time hours because they know that it generally means that they'll get 1.5 times or more than their regular pay. This isn't the case for everyone though. This is why you must learn what your rights to overtime are.

Workers that are most apt to develop repetitive stress injuries

Data compiled by the Pain Relief Institute (PRI) shows that as many as 60-75% of workplace injuries that are reported each year are repetitive stress injuries. Those same statistics show that one in eight workers have this type of injury and that nearly all those who have surpassed retirement age have them.

Could workplace discrimination decline in 2020?

Unfortunately, workplace discrimination is something that is not likely to ever disappear entirely. It has always been an issue in the United States and even the laws that make it illegal have not eradicated it. You can still find discrimination in workplaces all over California and the rest of the country.

A Long Beach man contends he was fired because he's white

A 47-year-old Long Beach man broke down on the stand as he testified at a wrongful termination trial against his former employer, the United Parcel Service (UPS), last week. The man's bosses previously argued that the reason that he was fired from his dock supervisor role in 2017 was because he used profanity twice within 11 months on the job. The plaintiff himself contends that he was let go for being white instead of Hispanic.

The workers' compensation timeline in California

If you have been injured while at work in California, it is likely that you will have the right to file for workers' compensation. This is true regardless of whether you are a United States citizen. In the vast majority of cases, undocumented immigrants who are injured in the workplace still have the right to file for damages.

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